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How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on Roku


Hulu is a streaming service that allows users to view live television stations in the United States. It provides access to more than 85 live television stations for streaming, as well as a TV guide to assist users in determining when their favourite shows will be shown. The Hulu app offers a large selection of on-demand entertainment that can be accessed at any time. Subscribers can choose between two types of subscriptions: on-demand and Live TV + on-demand. The Live TV + on-demand subscription can be purchased as part of the Roku channel subscription. The technique for cancelling Hulu on Roku is extremely straightforward, and you can learn more about it in the section below.

The Hulu streaming service subscription, which includes live TV channels and on-demand video, costs $64.99 a month. While streaming, there are advertisements. For $70.99 per month, you can acquire an ad-free membership to the service. For the first seven days, you can try out the subscription for free. Hulu subscribers have the ability to stream the TV channels on two devices at the same time. It allows for a total of six profiles per subscription, each with their own streaming space. The live streaming can be recorded and stored in the cloud DVR storage so that it can be viewed later on the go.

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How to Cancel Hulu on Roku

1. Start by turning on your Roku to see whether you have an internet connection.

2. Select the Search option on the remote control by hitting the home button on the device.

3. Choose the Hulu app from the list of available alternatives on your smartphone.

4. The Manage Subscription option can be accessed by pressing the * button on your remote and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

5. Keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page and click on the Cancel Subscription button.

6. To cancel your Hulu subscription on Roku, simply select the Cancel Subscription option from the menu bar.



How to Cancel Hulu free trial?

Using a mobile or desktop browser, launch Hulu and navigate to the Account page to sign in. Select Cancel from the drop-down box that appears under Your Account. Following this action, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Why can’t I cancel my Hulu subscription?

Before logging in, you will not be able to make any changes to your order. You shouldn’t make any assumptions about Hulu’s free offers – if you don’t see your name in the upper-right corner, it implies you haven’t signed in yet. To log in, click on “LOG IN” and fill out the form with your details. Sending an email to the email address linked with your account will allow you to recover your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Is the Hulu free trial really free?

Hulu’s seven-day free trial provides you access to the streaming service’s enormous collection of shows and movies, and you can also sign up for a free trial of Hulu + Live TV to watch live television programming from around the world. If you have previously had a Hulu account, you will not be able to sign up for a free trial of the service.