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How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku


Roku is one of the most forward-thinking devices currently on the market that can meet the entertainment requirements of an individual on a regular basis. It is nifty, long-lasting, and amazingly seamless, and it is ready to fulfil your day-to-day demand for amusement and entertainment in the most streamlined method that can possibly be imagined. A mechanism that holds such beautiful promise is typically replete with several uncertainties here and there. The vast majority of users on Roku want to cancel their subscription to FuboTV. As a result, here is a guide that will show you how to cancel your FuboTV subscription on Roku.

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How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

Please read the following steps carefully, and then proceed to implement them in order to terminate your membership to FuboTV on Roku.

1. On the remote control that came with your Roku device, there is a button labelled “Home.” Pressing this button will allow you to access the home screen.

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

2. Navigate to the FuboTV channel from the home screen of your Roku device.

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

3. Use the button labelled “Star” that is found on the remote control to navigate to the Options menu.

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

4. Choose the option that corresponds to “Manage your subscriptions” from the main menu.

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

5. Select the option to terminate the subscription at this point in the process.

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

6. After double checking that the cancelling process has been completed, go to the menu and select the option that says “Cancel subscription.”

How to Cancel My FuboTV Free Trial on Roku

7. When the steps involved in the cancellation have been completed, pick the “Done” option from the menu. It will walk you through the steps necessary to cancel your FuboTV subscription on Roku.


Can you cancel FUBO free trial before paying?

This information is also accessible through the “My Account” area of the website. If you believe that fuboTV is not the right streaming service for you, you have the option to cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period in order to avoid being charged for the subsequent month’s membership.

Does Fubo charge for free trial?

All brand-new subscribers are eligible for a free trial that lasts for seven days.

Over 100 channels and 250 hours of cloud DVR storage are included in the beginning plan that costs $65 per month.

Is fuboTV free on Roku?

Only new customers are eligible for the free trial offer. Roku In-App Billing allows for the purchase of the Pro, Elite, Ultimate, and Latino subscription tiers. You will need to sign up for a subscription directly on if you would like to subscribe to a different basic package and/or add any Add-ons to your subscription that are not included in any of the existing bundles.

How much is fuboTV on Roku?

Standard subscription from fuboTV begins at $59.99 per month, the fuboTV Family plan costs $64.99 per month, and the fuboTV Elite bundle, which includes more than 150 channels, costs $79.99 per month.

How does a free trial work?

Businesses frequently engage in this strategy, and it is one that frequently occurs in conjunction with free trial offers and subscriptions. For instance, you make the agreement to test out a set of products for free for a period of one month. After that month, you will continue to be charged on a recurring basis for subsequent monthly shipments unless you stop the service.