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How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address


In order to get the email address of a certain user on YouTube, you will need to use the official YouTube website through a web browser on a computer that is running either Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Chrome OS. The mobile app for YouTube does not make this email address visible to users. The steps to take are as described below.

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How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

You will need to activate a web browser on your computer and navigate to the YouTube website before you can get started with YouTube. To get in touch with a user or channel, navigate to the very top of the page, click the search box, and then type the user’s or channel’s name into the resulting field. The next step is to press the enter key.

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

From the list of search results, select the individual whose company you would like to keep.

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

When you get at the page for the channel that opens, select the “About” tab from the tabs bar that is positioned beneath the banner picture (the large image that is located at the top of the website). This tabs bar is located beneath the banner picture.

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

To see the company’s email address, go to the “About” tab’s “Details” section and click on the link that says “View Email Address.”

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

After you have selected the “View Email Address” button, the reCaptcha question that Google provides will become visible to you. Select “I’m Not a Robot” from the drop-down menu when requested, and then click the “Submit” button after making your selection.

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

You should now be able to find the email address of the channel displayed in the section that is titled “For Business Inquiries.”

How to Find a YouTube User’s Email Address

You are free to make use of any of your existing email service providers in order to send an email to this address, which is now operational for the purpose of accepting messages (like Gmail or Outlook, for example).


Can people see your email on YouTube?

There is no public linkage between your Google Account and the Brand Account, which means that viewers will not see either your name or email address associated with the account (unless you publicly link them yourself).

Can YouTuber see who viewed?

Are users on YouTube able to see who has seen their videos? YouTubers are unable to see the identities of the individuals who have seen their videos, but they can see what percentage of viewers fall into certain age brackets and gender categories.

Does rewatching a YouTube video count as a view?

The number of views a video receives on YouTube includes not just the initial view but also any subsequent replays or visits to the page. The statistics dashboard for your YouTube channel will show you the total number of unique views you have.

Can YouTube tell if you’re using a VPN?

An algorithm is utilised by YouTube TV to monitor all of the incoming IP addresses of users who are attempting to access the site. They use this not only to identify which programmes are being watched but also to catch users of virtual private networks (VPNs).

What happens when you use VPN on YouTube?

Using a virtual private network (VPN), your device can regain its connection to the internet by going through a server located in a different location. Websites and services like YouTube will see the IP address of the distant server rather than your actual IP address, giving the impression that you are located in a different area than you actually are.