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How to Change Language in Dying Light 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)


It’s probable that Dying Light 2 is one of the best zombie video games ever developed, but the interface for the game doesn’t allow you to change the language like it does in other games. Other games provide you the option to do this. You are in luck since there are several different strategies that can provide assistance to you while you make the move. This page will guide you through the process of changing the language that is utilized in Dying Light 2 on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One platforms. So let’s get started:

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How to Change Language in Dying Light 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)

On PlayStation:

If you are playing Dying Light 2 on a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5, you will be need to go through some more hoops. Dying Light 2 is one of the games that has specific requirements for the language of the operating system in order to function properly. To put it another way, if you want to change the language that the PS4 or PS5 itself is set to, you will first need to change the language that your console is set to.

1. Access the settings menu on your PS4 or PS5 console.

2. Players of the PS4 will need to access the Language settings.

3. Players on the PS5 must initially navigate to the System settings before they can access the Console Language settings.

4. Choose the language you want to use on your console from the available options in the list of languages.

5. Simply restart your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, then start playing the game again.

How to Change Language in Dying Light 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)

This will result in Dying Light 2 using a different language.

On Xbox:

The makers of Dying Light 2 were not nice enough to include an in-game option that allowed players to change the language on Xbox One or Xbox Series X from the game’s main menu. You will also need to rely on the approach that can change the language used by the system in order to use this platform. To accomplish this, please follow these steps:

1. Put your Xbox One or Xbox Series X console into the on position.

2. Gain access to the configurations

3. Navigate to the settings for the system.

4. Language and Location Options Available

5. Now, from the list of languages available to you, choose a new language to use for your console, and then restart.

How to Change Language in Dying Light 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)

Launch Dying Light 2 once more to observe the alterations that have been made once everything is back online.


Is there Arabic in Dying Light 2?

It can be used with a PS4 console. It is available in the Arabic language. It is sent in secure packaging.

Why is Dying Light 2 not popular?

The game Dying Light 2 is terrible overall. It’s a confusing hodgepodge of intriguing ideas and thoughts that are obscured by a thick, post-apocalyptic sludge of mediocrity, which is a frustrating combination. Dying Light 2 is one of the most disappointing video games released in recent memory for a variety of reasons, including its lackluster combat, characters, and abundant uninteresting side quests.

What made Dying Light 2 bad?

The parkour abilities in Dying Light 2 are probably the most notable aspect of the game. My experience with the game’s controls led me to the conclusion that they were clumsy, occasionally unresponsive, and difficult to master. This was despite the fact that the game is centered on a novel way to travel through the city and the landscapes surrounding it.

Is Kyle Crane in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light, Dying Light: The Following, and Dying Light 2: Stay Human all include Kyle Crane as their main protagonist. Kyle is also addressed in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Roger Craig Smith provided his voice for the character.

Is Dying Light 1 or 2 better?

The zombie-parkour sequel Dying Light 2 was released in 2017, yet the polished continuation of the series did not render its predecessor unnecessary. If what you’re looking for is a more freeform, organic open environment in which to live, then the original Dying Light is, in many ways, the superior option.