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Destiny 2

How to Get The Messenger Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2


Players who complete the Trials of Osiris will earn access to the Messenger Pulse Rifle, which is widely considered to be one of the strongest weapons in both PvE and PvP across the entirety of Destiny 2. The Messenger is a Kinetic weapon, and because it belongs to the High-Impact archetype, it has a higher damage output and more aim-down-sights stability than other Kinetic weapons. As a Pulse Rifle, it is able to make use of the anti-Unstoppable Champion mod that is included in Season of the Lost, which makes it simpler to contend with one of the most challenging Champion kinds seen in PvE.

Since the Messenger is a weapon obtained through the Trials of Osiris, it is also able to make use of the special modification options that are exclusive to that mode. After a player has obtained it for the first time, they can either earn it again as a prize or purchase it with a Trials Engram in order to receive a fresh roll. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Get The Messenger Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

How to Get The Messenger Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

The four cards that make up The Messenger’s God Roll are called Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Outlaw, and Desperado. Smallbore and Ricochet Rounds are excellent upgrades for both the barrel and the magazine since they improve the weapon’s range and stability while also giving the rounds a ricocheting effect.

Even in the unlikely event that The Messenger is not a drop with Outlaw or Desperado, it is still a fantastic option for a weapon due to the fact that it provides a number of wonderful alternate benefits. Players shouldn’t immediately give up on The Messenger if any Guardian they control doesn’t earn the Outlaw/Desperado combination of rewards. These are some fantastic rolls that may be substituted for The Messenger:

How to Get The Messenger Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

  • Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Outlaw, and One For All are some of the terms used.
  • Compensator Chambered, Appended Mag, Rapid Hit, Kill Clip.
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling, High-Caliber Rounds, Moving Target, Desperado


What is a god roll Eyasluna?

It is highly likely that the Eyasluna Hand Cannon will remain in your Kinetic slot for a considerable amount of time because it is of such high quality. Stasis damage is dealt by this device, despite the fact that it uses primary ammo, which suggests that it may have some good synergy with the various Stasis Fragments that are available.

Is the messenger pulse rifle good?

Because of its strong impact and range attributes, the Messenger is a fantastic choice for a weapon to use in the Crucible. The Messenger is a kinetic pulse rifle that is designed to be utilised as a primary weapon in the Crucible.

What is the best hand cannon in Destiny 2?

1 Fatebringer

The Fatebringer has demonstrated that it is the most effective Legendary Hand Cannon in Destiny 2.

What is a god roll Summoner?

Since its initial release in Season of the Worthy, Destiny 2’s prize pool has had a sporadic presence for the Summoner ever since the game’s first expansion. It is a Solar Auto Rifle that has a firing rate of 600 rounds per minute and is considered to be an Adaptive Framed weapon.