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How to Change the Default Zoom Settings in Microsoft Office


It is explained in this post how to alter the zoom level in Microsoft Office documents using a number of different ways. As an alternative to the techniques described above, there are a number of options. There are no incompatibilities between Microsoft Office 365, Office 2019, and prior editions, as well as between Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2013, and preceding versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Version 2010 of Microsoft Office is incompatible with the most current version of the software, which is version 2010.

How to Customize the Zoom Setting of Your Office Program’s Screen

The zoom settings in Microsoft Office products may be customised to your liking if the text or objects look too huge or too tiny. It is possible to modify the zoom level of a document or to change the default zoom level for every new file that you create. Programs and operating systems have their own unique versions of these functionalities (desktop, mobile, or web). It’s still possible to discover a solution from this list of options, however.

  • Select the View tab.

  • Select Zoom in the Zoom group.

  • Zoom in or out by selecting the percentage. Additionally, you may choose between page width, text width or the whole page..

  • The Zoom slider in the window’s lower-right corner provides still another choice. Click or drag the slider to use it.

Note: Office files open at the zoom level used when they were originally saved.