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How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft


The non-player character (NPC) in Minecraft Education Edition will communicate with players through a dialogue box that is styled to look like a speech bubble. Using screenshots and detailed step-by-step directions, this Minecraft tutorial walks you through the process of customizing the dialogue box that the NPC (Non Player Character) uses. So let’s get started:

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How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

1. Launch the menu for non-playable characters

In this guide, we have created a non-playable character who goes by the name “Mr. Smith.” Now, within the dialogue option for the NPC, we need to add the text that will appear in their voice bubble.

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

You will first need to select the Non Player Character option from the drop-down menu in order to modify the NPC’s dialogue. You will need to right-click on the NPC in order to access this option. This is what the menu for Non-Player Characters looks like:

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

You can see for yourself that the Dialog field is left empty by default. Therefore, if a player does not have the World Builder status, they will see the following empty speech bubble when they left-click on the NPC:

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

Let’s give the NPC something to say by adding some text to it.

2. The NPC’s dialogue can be entered here

Entering a value into the Dialog box will allow you to add text to the voice bubble. This value has a maximum length of 256 characters and is allowed to contain carriage returns (ie: new lines).

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

In this particular illustration, the text that follows has been placed into the Dialog field by us:

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

You are free to exit the Non-Player Character menu after you have finished entering your lines of dialogue.

3. The Speech Bubble of NPCs Will Be Revamped

You can now return to the game and left-click on the NPC (without World Builder status) to reveal a new speech bubble with the following text:

How to Change the Dialog for NPC in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you have just mastered the ability to alter NPC dialogue.


How do you use NPC dialogue in Minecraft?

In an NPC’s scene file, the /dialogue open command causes the NPC to open the next dialogue box for the player, which can be closed with the /dialogue close command or a button command.

How do I fully edit an NPC?

Through the use of testing cheats, you are able to change the NPC Sims in your game and give them a makeover. You can open a cheat window on your computer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. Once the cheats window is open, type testingcheats on and then click Enter on your keyboard. After that, in the cheat window, type another cheat that is called cas. fulleditmode, and then hit Enter once more.

What can NPC do in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Education Edition has a unique variety of creature known as the NPC that may only be encountered in this version of the game. The abbreviation “NPC” means for “Non Player Character,” and this category of monster is the one that communicates with players, gives them directions, and executes commands. The NPC is an unkillable mob that cannot be injured or killed, nor can it be impacted by healing potions or other items.

What does NPC stand for in Minecraft?

A character that is not controlled by the player is referred to as a “Non-Player Character,” or NPC for short. They were capable of displaying text and supplying the user with options in the form of buttons to select from. The non-player characters (NPCs) that populate the worlds of Minecraft serve as guides, delivering players with instructions and information to help them learn and progress through activities.