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How to Find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft


With the release of Minecraft’s Wild Update came the addition of a whole new, fantasy biome known as the deep dark biome. This biome was inspired by the caverns theme from the previous update. Fans of Mojang’s well-known sandbox games have been waiting impatiently for the arrival of the biome for several months now. It is the domain of the terrifying Warden.

Finding it, though, can be a challenge, as is the case with virtually every cool and interesting location in Minecraft. If players do not know where or how to begin exploring for deep dark biomes or their new structure, the Ancient City, it may be difficult for them to locate both of these. So, in order to get to the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft, here are the steps:

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How to Find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft

How to Find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft

Deep dark biomes spawn deep inside caverns. Players won’t have access to accurate information regarding the average height of the deep dark biomes for the time being because the depth of the deep dark biomes is still a mystery at the time that this guide was produced.

Any gamer who wants to have the highest chance of success should immediately head into the caves and begin digging. Thankfully, the caves and cliffs update made certain that a good number of the newly added caves are quite spacious and simple to navigate through. Begin your descent by looking about for any enormous cave entrances in the area, but be sure to go in well-prepared because there will be a lot of enemies down there.

How to Find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft

When it comes to Ancient Cities, these types of structures will only ever develop inside of very dark and mysterious biomes. However, just like other constructions such as End Cities and Woodland Mansions that can only spawn in certain dimensions and biomes, there is no one hundred percent assurance that a deep dark biome will spawn an Ancient City. This is also the same with other dimensions and biomes.

The spawn elevation of Ancient Cities is believed to be Y= -52, which is a fortunate fact because it can provide players with some guidance regarding how far they should travel into caves. The discovery of deep dark biomes in general is simplified as a result of this change; however, players should still anticipate spending some time exploring their surroundings because both types of biomes are very uncommon.

Notable Acquisitions (Notable Loot)

How to Find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft

If this is the case, then there is no point in making the effort to travel so far into the depths of the earth in order to locate these old towns. Echo shards are the most likely cause of this phenomenon, which only has one possible explanation. A Recovery Compass will be created when eight of these shards, in addition to a compass, are merged together. Since the Wild Update was released, this item has rapidly risen in value, and it is now considered one of the most valuable tools in the game.

The Recovery Compass will always point the player in the direction of the location where they passed out the moment before their most recent death. These echo shards on their own ought to be a significant enough incentive for individuals to wander into the zone controlled by the Warden because this is a very important item to have in one’s possession.


Where Does The Ancient City Spawn?

In Minecraft, if you haven’t yet discovered the Deep Dark biome, you won’t be able to access the Ancient City until you do so. You could discover that it takes a little amount of time to uncover an Ancient City, and that the Deep Dark biome is even more difficult to locate. There is a possibility that the Ancient City will not appear, particularly if the biome you are working with is quite tiny or if you just happen to have terrible luck. The Ancient City is difficult to get by, but it is well worth it to search its ruins for valuable loot.

Where can I get Minecraft’s “The Ancient City”?

The Ancient Metropolis is precisely what it sounds like it would be: an old city that contains unique loot for you to find and acquire. Both deep slate and sculk can be found in this area. When you begin looting in the city, you should plan on finding a lot of treasure chests, which means you will need a large amount of space in your inventory to store all of the items you find. You should also be aware of foes that lurk in the shadows, notably The Warden, because they are likely to ambush you there.