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How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.18


The Caves and Cliffs upgrade for Minecraft, which was released in two parts, has irrevocably altered the gameplay of the original game. The first instalment of the Caves and Cliffs upgrade was merely a teaser for what was to come; nevertheless, the second instalment of the update has irrevocably altered both the overworld and the underworld. There are now new biomes available to explore, caves are bigger than they have ever been, and there are 91 new blocks to use in the game. Because of the changes made to the way blocks are loaded into the world by the Caves and Cliffs update, many of the more classic mining techniques, such as strip mining for diamonds, are no longer the most effective way for players to locate the mineral they may be seeking for. The manner that players should search for Ancient Debris has also been modified as a result of this update.

Because of the second phase of the Caves and Cliffs update, it is now much simpler to come across diamonds while adventuring in the depths of the earth. There is a new level that is optimal for finding diamonds in Minecraft, but the latest update has made it so that diamonds can spawn everywhere under Y-level 0, even the cave biomes that have been added to the game. The desire to venture into the new Nether and scour its depths for Ancient Relics in order to craft Netherite has never been greater than it is now that diamonds are more readily available. To successfully mine Ancient Debris, players are going to require a diamond pickaxe. They will also want to make sure they have a full set of diamond armour to protect them from the hostile environment and enemies in the Nether. This is the procedure to follow:

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How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.18

The Y-level -14 area of the Neth r is where Ancient Debris can be found the most frequently. Players have two options to choose from when searching for the maximum amount of Ancient Debris that can be found in the Nether. Typically, they will spawn at the edge of loaded blocks in the Nether. Ancient Debris is the rarest block in the game, and it only occasionally spawns in veins with more than one item, so it is important to have patience when mining for it.

The Bed Method (Early Game)

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.18

Players who want to gain Ancient Debris earlier in their survival world but may not yet have the tools necessary to strip mine will want to create a lot of beds. Players can get Ancient Debris by strip mining. When beds explode in the End or the Nether, they demolish all of the fragile blocks in the surrounding area and clear out a sizeable portion of the blocks that are buried underneath. The player need only position a bed four blocks away from themselves, place one block of cobblestone under each foot to shield themselves from the glass, and then interact with the bed to cause it to explode, which will keep the player out of harm’s way while the bed explodes. The bed technique of mining Ancient Debris is still the most effective way to do so in the early game, despite the fact that it is significantly slower than strip mining.

Strip Mining/Edge of Chunk Mining (Late Game)

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.18

Towards the end of the game, those players who have amassed a large number of charmed pickaxes will undoubtedly have an easier time strip mining for the Ancient Debris they need. However, until version 1.8.0 of Minecraft, finding diamonds by strip mining was a relatively straightforward process. The Y-level -14 in the Nether is where players will want to go to begin mining once again. Once there, players should use all of their available pickaxes. Ancient Debris spawns significantly more frequently on the edges of loaded chunks, which means that players on Minecraft Java Edition can utilise hotkeys to check where chunks are being put in and mine continually on the edges of those chunks. Unfortunately, players on the Bedrock Edition are unable to accomplish this, which means that their experience strip mining will be more dependent on luck. This strategy has the potential to be significantly more advantageous or disadvantageous than the bed method, particularly later on in the match, depending on the players’ luck.

Finding Ancient Debris in the Nether of Minecraft in order to obtain Netherite is likely going to be the most time-consuming grind that players will have to endure if they want their armour and tools to be as powerful as they possibly can be. The players will want to be cautious because they will be encountering a lot of lava and terrain that could result in their death if they are not careful. The process of mining Ancient Debris is not an easy one, but adopting these strategies should allow gamers to find Ancient Debris at a pace that is satisfactory.

What is Ancient Debris

In contrast to the majority of the other minerals that can be used to build armour, Netherite does not have its own dedicated ore block in Minecraft. Instead, you should be looking for something called ancient detritus because that is the block you need. In Minecraft, it is a type of material block that cannot be destroyed by standard explosions. Therefore, you are able to make use of TNT to clean up its surrounds without resulting in the destruction of old trash and, as a result, netherite.

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.18

After collecting enough ancient detritus, you will be able to transform it into Netherite. The process of conversion is described in greater detail later on in the guide. Remember that whenever we discuss ancient debris in the guide, we are, by implication, also discussing Netherite, and vice versa.