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How to Change your Netflix Password


Your Netflix account is only as safe as its least secure component, and your password is a significant part of that. Not only does this stop other individuals from accessing your account, but it also helps protect your payment information and any other sensitive data you may have. According to the general consensus among professionals in the relevant industry, the most effective method for maintaining the secrecy of your information is to create a different password for each website where you register an account and to make sure that each password is as challenging as it can possibly be.

Keeping this in mind, the following is a tutorial that will assist you with changing your Netflix password, even if you are unable to recall the previous one.

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How to Change your Netflix Password

The procedure of changing your Netflix password is exactly the same regardless of whether you do it on your computer or on your mobile device.

1. If you haven’t already done so, navigate to the website and log in to your account there. If this has already been done for you.

2. After navigating to the part of the website titled “Membership and Billing,” choose the option that allows you to change your password.

How to Change your Netflix Password

3. When you are prompted to change your password and are presented with a screen to do so, enter your existing password first, then the new password you would want to use. Your password can be anything you want it to be; the only requirement is that it be between six and sixty characters long. Other than that, there are no restrictions on the substance of your password.

4. When you are ready, click the “Save” button after you have confirmed the new password.

How to Change your Netflix Password

How to Change your Netflix Password if you’ve forgotten it

If you want to change your password, you will typically be required to input the password you are currently using to verify that you are the true owner of the account. However, there is a workaround available in the event that you have lost or forgotten your password.

Follow the instructions up top to get to the page where you may change your password if you are currently logged into your account. Once you are there, select the Forgot password? option. If you can’t remember the password for your account and you’ve been logged out of it, go to the login page and click or tap the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Need help?

You will have the opportunity to reset your password via email or text message, and in either case, a link to a page where you may create a new password will be supplied to you.

How to Change your Netflix Password

If you don’t remember which email address or phone number you linked to your Netflix account, you can enter the first and last name associated with the account, along with the card number you use to pay for it. This will allow you to access your account even if you don’t remember which email address or phone number you linked to it.


Will changing my Netflix password log everyone out?

This logs out any and all connected devices to the Netflix account, and the only people who may log back in are those who have the new password. There is an option in the Account settings to sign out of all devices, which will sign other users off the Netflix account if you change a password and then decide later to restrict access to the account. This will prevent unauthorised access to the account.

How do you kick someone off your Netflix while they are watching?

Take Away All of Their Devices to Get Someone Kicked Off Netflix

However, there is no ability to remotely delete content from a single device at this time. As a result, you will need to visit the page that manages your account settings in order to sign out of all of your devices simultaneously. This setting logs you out of all devices that are utilising your Netflix account and deletes all of those devices, so everyone will need to sign in anew.

Does Netflix notify you when someone logs into your account?

Netflix Will Send You a Notification Whenever Another User Signs In to Their Account

Netflix will send you an email to let you know that there has been a new login to your account since the last time they contacted you. Netflix really alerts its subscribers if there has been an attempt to log in without their permission. Their service is able to identify every new hardware that makes an attempt to connect.

Can 2 people watch Netflix at the same time?

Individual users are not subject to any of the screen limitations either. Netflix allows a single user profile to stream content to up to four different displays at once, or several users can view on their own individual screens. The sole restriction is that a Netflix account that has the Premium plan can stream content to no more than four distinct screens at the same time.

Can each Netflix profile have a password?

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of parental controls in order to lock off individual user profiles on your account. The most recent version will provide you with further control to personalise the viewing experience for each of your account’s profiles and enable you to lock particular profiles with a PIN.