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How to Change Your Roblox Password or Reset It


Roblox is a platform for online gaming that enables players to create their own games as well as play games that were created by other users. Robux is the name of Roblox’s virtual currency, and it can be used by players to do things like personalize their avatars or purchase unique powers. Roblox passwords are notoriously simple and straightforward to figure out because the majority of users are children and teenagers. Because of this, Roblox is a consistent target for hacking, and the details of user accounts are often sold on online forums frequented by hackers.

Roblox does not require you to validate either your email address or your phone number when you first sign up for an account with the platform. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to reclaim access to your Roblox account; thus, we recommend that you link your email address to your Roblox password as soon as you can. We’ll walk you through resetting your Roblox account as well as changing the password for your Roblox account in this article.

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How to Change Your Roblox Password

To get started, go to the top right of the Roblox website and click on the gear icon that says Settings.

Select Settings from the Context Menu that Appears.

To change your password, select the Edit link located next to Password.

Please enter both your current password and the new password you would want to use.

First, ensure that you are logged into your Roblox account before attempting to change your password. To get started, navigate to the upper right corner of the Roblox website and click on the gear icon that says Settings. Make your selection by selecting Settings from the menu that drops below. This will take you to the page where you may manage your own settings.

Find the entry for the Password, then click the edit button that is located beside it. The current password as well as the new password that you want to use for your Roblox account will be required when a dialogue box prompts you for them. In order to validate your new password, you will be required to enter it twice. Be sure to pick a password for your Roblox account that is not only difficult to figure out but also completely unique. When you are done, select Update, and the password for your Roblox account will be updated immediately.

How to Reset your Roblox password

You can reset your Roblox password from the login screen if you’ve forgotten it in the event that you’ve used it. You may retrieve your Roblox account even if you have forgotten both your Roblox username and password, as long as you still have access to the email address or phone number that you used to register for Roblox in the first place.

On the screen where you log in, rather than entering your username and password, click the link that says “Forgot Password or Username?” On the following page, you will be prompted to enter the email address that you provided during the registration process for your Roblox account. You have the option of selecting Use phone number to reset password instead, if that is more convenient for you.

A link to reset your Roblox password will be emailed to you shortly. This link will only work for one hour from now on. To change the password for your Roblox account, follow the link and input a new one. You will be required to enter it twice, and you cannot use a password that you used for Roblox in the past. After you have made your new selection and are satisfied with it, click the “Submit” button to change your password. You can proceed to make use of your updated password in order to access your Roblox account at this time.