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How to Get Pearls In Roblox Islands


Since the Aquamarine patch was released, pearls have taken on the characteristics of a somewhat rare and valuable resource. In order to fashion the new Aquamarine Sword, you are going to need a few of them. Now, let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to perform in order to acquire pearls in the Roblox Islands game, also known as Skyblock.

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How to Get Pearls

Fishing is the primary activity necessary to acquire pearls in the Islands. When you fish, you might get one of them as a random drop, just like the propeller. The following is an in-depth look at how to acquire them, broken down into its component parts.

Craft a Fishing Rod

Because of this, a Workbench is required of you; therefore, ensure that your island contains at least one of these. In order to receive the fishing rod, you will need 10 wood; therefore, you will need to cut down some of your trees. When you have the necessary amount of wood, go to your Workbench to begin the crafting process. Put the fishing rod in your toolbar so that you may access it quickly whenever you need it.

Go to the Pond at the Main Hub

Proceed through the purple portal located on your island to reach the area with the various vendors. You will come upon a pond that has fish in it if you keep going to the left. On Slime Island, there is also a pond that can be used as an alternative to this place if there are too many people here!

Catch Fish

You will now need to just let your line into the water and attempt to reel in some fish. Simply click once to cast a spell for a shorter range, or click and hold for a brief while before releasing it to cast for a greater range. Be sure to direct your cast toward a fish, and it should snag on one of them. Once you see bubbles coming out of your bait, you can click to start reeling it in.

Obtain the Pearl!

You are going to have to keep fishing again and over again in order to increase your chances of finding a pearl. You have a chance to earn one if you reel in a fish, so make the most of those opportunities. Because this is potentially a very lengthy process, you should be prepared to wait for some time. You might even be lucky enough to snag a Propeller, which is yet another uncommon piece of loot to hunt for.

Use Bait to Accelerate the Process!

If you don’t have the patience for this process, there is a technique to make it go a little bit faster! You have the ability to make some bait for yourself, and it will cost you three carrots to manufacture each one. Either by planting carrot seeds yourself or by purchasing a totem specifically designed to do so, you can start a carrot farm. No matter what method you use, you will need a significant amount of carrots in order to cultivate the bait. After you have gathered some bait for yourself, proceed to the fishing hole and employ the bait there. When fishing for one minute and thirty seconds, your luck will be increased as a result of this. This should more than increase your odds of finding a pearl, therefore it is definitely something you should try to do!

You can also get pearls by travelling to the islands of other players and purchasing them from vending machines located on those islands. It will most likely not be easy to discover people who have a large quantity of pearls that they are willing to sell; but, it is possible that doing it this way will be easier because gold is much simpler to get.