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How to Charge Your New Apple Watch


As a piece of technology that is intended to be worn for the most of the day, you’ll want to keep your Apple Watch charged — especially if you want to fulfil your activity objectives for the day and enjoy the satisfaction of closing your colorful rings at the end of each day.

Despite the fact that you may charge your Apple Watch every night, I’ve found that with moderate use (counting exercises, checking notifications, and so on), I only need to charge my Apple Watch (Series 3) every two to three days.

Here’s how to charge your Apple Watch, as well as how long it will take.

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How to Charge Your New Apple Watch

First, set up your charger

1. Put the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (supplied with the Apple Watch) with the concave side facing up on a flat surface (see illustration).

It is also possible to charge the watch with the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock ($79). The charging dock makes use of the same inductive charging connector as the charging cable, and it allows you to charge the watch in either a flat posture or flipped on its side while it is charging. As an extra bonus, when you charge your watch on the dock, it automatically switches to Nightstand mode, which allows it to be used as an alarm clock.

2. Charge your device by connecting the charging cable or dock to a power adapter and plugging the power adapter into a power outlet. Apple suggests placing the charger in a well-ventilated place, according to the device’s user handbook.

Next, charge your Apple Watch

1. Take the charging circle and place it against the back of your Apple Watch, with the concave end facing up. A magnet automatically aligns the two components and keeps them together while they are being assembled.

In most cases, unless the watch is in quiet mode, it will produce a chiming noise to signal that it is charging. In addition, a lightning bolt (the charging sign) will be seen in the upper left corner. Normally, it is green, but if it is red, it means that your watch is low on battery power.

When the battery is really low, a red lightning bolt appears on the watch display, and you may even have to press the side button to see the watch face at all. On the Apple website, you may find further troubleshooting information.

Several Ways to See How Much Battery you have Left

1. Unlock your Apple Watch and slide up from the bottom to view the percentage of battery life that is still left. By clicking on the percentage, you may engage the watch’s Power Reserve mode, which disables all functions except for the time display and the alarm. Apple Watch will urge you to activate Power Reserve when the battery is at 10% of its capacity, and it will enter Power Reserve automatically when the battery is at its lowest capacity.

2. Adding a battery complication to the watch face makes it possible to see the battery % at the same time as you can see the time on the dial.

How Long it takes to Charge an Apple Watch

According to Apple’s product testing, it takes approximately one and a half hours to charge an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 from zero to 80 percent and approximately two hours to charge an Apple Watch Series 4 from zero to 100 percent when using the Magnetic Charging Cable — though charge times can vary “based on environmental factors.”