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How To Cheat Pokemon Go – Complete Guide


Pokemon Go Cheats 2021 will help you to not only capture a large number of different Pokemon, but they will also let you to automate the process of catching those Pokemon. The use of cheats is not permitted by Niantic and you run the risk of having your account suspended or permanently suspended. Those interested in finding Pokemon Go cheat codes or ‘hacks’ can continue reading the section below.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2022

We’ll start off this list with listing the hacks that are the least destructive that you can employ in Pokemon Go, and we’ll keep increasing the bar as time goes on. Keep in mind that if you are caught using Pokemon Go Cheats 2021, your account will be suspended, and you will not be able to use your account in any way in the future.

Account Sharing With Someone Overseas

While it is not feasible to travel around the whole world in search of Pokemon, gamers have been sharing their accounts with other players from around the world in order to get uncommon and location-specific Pokemon in Pokemon Go, according to the game’s official website. Despite the fact that Niantic does not let users to exchange accounts, it is still seen as a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 by many.

You may give your information to friends who are located in other countries and have them do the task for you; but, if you do this often enough, your location bounce will be noticed by Niantic, and you will be banned from the game.

Auto IV Checkers Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

Auto IV Checkers are third-party software that will inform you of the IV of your Pokemon based on its location. While you can only rate the Pokemon based on their CP value, the IV value will tell you whether or not it is worth your time and effort to spend sweets and evolve the Pokemon.

Using any third-party software is prohibited in Pokemon Go and is seen as a cheat by the game’s developer, Niantic. Using this method will increase the likelihood of having your account banned, however it is one method of determining the IV of a certain Pokemon.

Geo Spoofing

The ability to run third-party programmes and geo fake your location in Pokemon Go is something that Niantic does not approve of, and as you may have figured, this is a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 that Niantic does not approve of. Despite the fact that Niantic intended the game to encourage walking and exploration, by spoofing it, you can have your character roam wherever in the globe in order to capture Pokemon.

While we do not advocate that you use Geo Spoofing, it does enable you to capture Pokemon from a variety of different areas from the comfort of your own home. A large number of accounts have been banned for using Geo Spoofing, and we strongly discourage you from doing so.


A Pokemon Go cheat 2021 Called botting is the worst and most severe sort of cheating since it allows your character to do all of the work while you are free to do other things. Your character will continue to collect Pokemon for the length of the third-party software that is operating in the background.

Players have utilised this approach to raise the quantity of a single Pokemon in their possession so that they may later exchange them for a boatload of candy and evolve the Pokemon of their choice.

The game developer Niantic will very probably ban you from ever playing Pokemon Go again, and you will lose all of your progress and anything else linked to the game as a result of being detected botting.

Is it possible to cheat or hack in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO users, like players of practically every other popular game, are constantly inventing and perfecting new and inventive methods to cheat and hack the programme.

Despite the fact that it is a challenging task, Niantic is continuously on the lookout for gamers who are attempting to get unfair advantages in the Pokemon GO game.
For the most part, these tricks have to do with capturing Pokemon without having to walk or even be on the same continent as the Pokemon. The majority of these tactics will result in a seven-day ban from Pokemon GO for the player who uses them.

Which new methods are players using to cheat Pokemon GO?

Spoofing is the most widely used cheating technique in Pokemon GO, and it has been for quite some time. Consequently, trainers have the opportunity to capture several uncommon Pokemon that they would not otherwise be able to capture.

This is accomplished by manipulating the phone’s GPS system to make the phone think it is at a different location than the one it is really in. Players of Pokemon GO will then be equipped with a joystick, allowing them to wander about in the newly discovered region.

This trick has a wide range of potential uses. Players may pose as though they are in areas where they can capture Pokemon that are not available in their zone. Additionally, when some events only take place in certain locations, like as the future events for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, this may apply.

Spoofing may also be used to get extra time during Spotlight Hours and raid hours by a group of players. In order to stock up on a certain Pokemon during a Spotlight Hour and quadruple the advantage from bonuses after the hour has expired, a player may spoof to a place that has a later time zone than their current location.