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How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch


This article explains how to activate the step counter on an Apple Watch and includes information on how to do so. All versions of the Apple Watch, from Series 0 through Series 4, as well as Series 1 through Series 3, and Series 3 through Series 4, are covered by these instructions.

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How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

Check Your Steps on Apple Watch

The step counter, sometimes known as a pedometer, may be found within the Activity Rings on an Apple Watch. Other watches may refer to this feature differently. By reading the following, not only will you learn how to access the feature, but you will also be able to determine how many stages you have already completed.

  • If you want to reach the Activity menu on your Apple Watch, you will need to push the Digital Crown button first.

How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

  • To obtain the daily activity data for your account, simply scroll down the page.

How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

  • Keep scrolling down the page until you reach the statistic for the total number of steps taken. You can find this information under the summaries for Move, Exercise, and Stand.

How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

Check Your Step Counter on iPhone 

As long as your iPhone and Apple Watch are associated with each other and you are in close proximity to each other, you will be able to use the iOS Activity app to keep track of how many steps you have taken throughout the day.

  • Launch the Activity app in your device.

How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

  • You need to scroll all the way down till you reach the bottom of the screen, going through the Activity Rings as you go.

How to Check Your Step Counter On Apple Watch

  • The Stand game keeps track of your progression by displaying your achievements alongside the steps you’ve completed underneath each one. This total takes into account not just the total distance you have travelled but also the total number of stairs you have climbed.


What are the steps I need to take to add the step counter on the face of my Apple Watch?

First things first, make sure you’re utilising a face that gives you room to add your own twists and turns (you can switch faces by tapping and holding the screen, then swiping from edge to edge across the face to change them). The next step is to tap and hold on the display until the Edit button appears, then pick Edit, and then swipe all the way to the bottom of the menu. Once you have located and chosen the steps counter complication, which, depending on the face, may or may not be an option, you will need to press the Digital Crown in order to save your modifications.

Can I have 2 watches connected at the same time?

You are only allowed to connect a single device to the app at any given moment, but you are free to switch between the devices at any time. There is a ‘about’ section on the watch, which may be accessed through the ‘More’ function. This item contains the reference code for that specific watch, and the code will start with BT. This is the identity of the watch, and the number on each watch is unique.

Where is my sleep data?

The device is built with an automatic sleep detection system that operates between the hours of 11:21 p.m. and 8 a.m. the following day. After 8 in the morning, you’ll be able to see the statistics pertaining to the prior night’s sleep. When you go to bed, you really must make sure that the device is fastened to your wrist. Please make sure that your device has enough battery life for the night, as your sleep data won’t be saved if the device turns off during the night because it doesn’t have enough battery life.