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How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant


Although the fundamental gameplay is the same for all 16 agents in Valorant, certain agents in the game are more suitable for players just starting out, even though the game’s mechanics are the same overall. Players need to evaluate their play styles before choosing which agent they want to control in the game. Every agent possesses a unique set of skills. Because these are necessary for maximizing the potential benefits of your choices in Valorant, it is in your best interest to select your agent with deliberation and caution. Players can experiment with a wide variety of different skills using each agent because they are all distinctive in their own ways. The enjoyable aspects of the game come from the gameplay of each individual combined with the characteristics of a particular agent. This article will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal main agent in Valorant and explain how to do so. So let’s get started:

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How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant

There are currently 16 agents working for Valorant. These agents each have their own set of special skills and distinct responsibilities within the game. The agents can be classified into one of four groups, according to the functions that they perform:

  • Duelist
  • Controller
  • Initiator
  • Sentinel

When it comes time to choose a main agent, players need to have a clear idea about the aspects of their own playstyle that are both their strengths and their weaknesses. They will be able to select a broker who is comfortable working with them thanks to this self-analysis.

Choose a duelist

A duelist’s job is to be on the front lines, where they are responsible for clearing out enemies and ensuring their team’s safe entry into a location. In order to perform their role effectively, duelists need to have very precise aim in addition to an aggressive playing style.

How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant

If a player possesses all of these qualities, the duelist role is the one that they should pursue. The player has the option of making Reyna, Phoenix, or Yoru the primary duelist of their team, while Raze or Jett can take on the role of the secondary duelist.

Choose a controller

The speed at which a game is played is determined by the abilities of the controller. They are an invaluable asset to their team in every way. However, in order for players to make use of such characters, they need to have the required knowledge as well as the appropriate game sense.

How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant

It is recommended that a player utilize agents such as Omen, Astra, Viper, and Brimstone if they want to take on a supportive role for their team.

Choose an initiator

Within the context of Valorant, “gathering information on opponents’ positions” refers to the job of the “initiator,” whose team is attempting to take control of a site. By making use of their flashes, certain initiators are also able to function in the capacity of pseudo-duelists.

How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant

Players who have a strong understanding of the game and excellent aim have the option of selecting Sova, Breach, Skye, or KAY/O as their main agent.

Choose a sentinel

In Valorant, the job of a sentinel is to defend a site for their team and put a stop to the rotation of enemies while their team is on the offensive. Players who take on the role of the Sentinel need to have an abundance of patience in order to be successful.

How to Choose Your Perfect Main Agent in Valorant

The Sentinel agents have excellent defensive abilities in addition to their abilities in tracking. Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage are the three individuals who are currently serving as Sentinels in Valorant. The players have the ability to select any of these agents based on the requirements of their respective teams. It is important to keep in mind that in order to be a good player of Valorant, it is necessary to be familiar with all of the agents in the game as well as their individual abilities.


Which is the best agent for Valorant?

KAY/O has a simple interface and a powerful set of abilities that can be used in a variety of situations. This Initiator does not have a complicated playstyle, and his abilities are easy to understand. As was the case with Sova, you will perform the most effectively when you go in behind your Duelist and push based on your utility.

Who is the main agent in Valorant?

Jett. Because Jett is the most mobile agent in Valorant, she is ideally suited for the role of duelist, especially after she has obtained her knife ultimate. She doesn’t offer much utility besides a smoke grenade, but she can dash to engage or disengage combat, and she can boost jump to reach high positions.

What are the hardest agents to play Valorant?

Astra is currently the most difficult agent to work with in Valorant.

Because of the requirement that you be familiar with the operation of each Valorant map, getting a handle on her abilities is a really challenging endeavor. This is due to the fact that Astra possesses a unique mechanic that requires her to enter an astral mode in order to position her stars across the layout of the map.

What is the strongest role in Valorant?

Killjoy. At this time, Killjoy is the most powerful Sentinel, and she may even be the most powerful agent in the entire VALORANT organization. This was made possible by the recent changes, as well as the significant reductions to Chamber’s power.