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How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android


When using Google Chrome on an Android smartphone, it is highly advised that you delete any cookies that have been saved on the device in the past. This is because deleting cookies will help you to get the most out of the browser. The next action that has to be completed is outlined below for your convenience.

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How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android

The following is the step-by-step technique that must be carried out in a meticulous manner:

1. Start using Google Chrome, which is a web browser developed by Google.

2. Swipe the button to the left from where it is currently positioned in order to access the Hamburger icon.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android

3. Tap Settings.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android

4. If there are any possibilities for privacy and security, you should look into exploring such options.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android

5. To remove your whole browsing history, you must first select the button that is referred to as the “Clear Browsing Data” button.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android

6. Once you have confirmed that the option to keep cookies and site data is turned to the “on” position, you can go to the next step by clicking the Clear Data button. To get started, you need to check to see if the option to “keep cookies and site data” is turned on so that the information may be saved.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on Android


Should you clear cookies?

It is strongly recommended that you do not accept cookies, and if you find that you have done so inadvertently, you should remove them. Cookies that have gone stale. If a page on a website has been updated, the data that has been cached in cookies may become incompatible with the new site. When you try to upload that page again in the future, this can cause you some difficulties.

What will I lose if I clear cookies?

When you delete cookies from your computer, the information that has been kept in your browser is also deleted. This includes the passwords to your online accounts, as well as your preferences and settings for websites. If you share your computer or device with other people and don’t want them to see what you’ve been looking at on the internet, deleting your cookies can be a good step to take.

Will clearing cookies and cache delete passwords?

If you have saved passwords in your browser so that you can automatically log in to specific websites, emptying your cache will also remove those passwords if you have saved them.

Does clearing browsing history delete cookies?

To easily clear your website’s visit history, go to the History menu and select the Clear History option. Choose a time range from the pop-up menu to specify how far back in history you wish to delete. However, this does a great deal more than just delete the history of the browser; in addition to that, it also deletes your cookies and your data cache.

What is difference between cookies and cache?

The Javascript, CSS, and HTML pages, as well as various types of media (images and videos), are all stored in the cache. Cookies are small text files that are used to store temporary data for tracking purposes. This data can include browsing sessions, a history of using websites and apps, and other information.