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How to Clear the Location Cache in Your Windows 11


A distinct form of caching, known as the Windows location cache, is responsible for maintaining a record of your actual location. If your apps are reporting that you are in the wrong location, or if you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want Windows to know where you are, you should probably erase this cache. Because it doesn’t require a significant amount of storage space, this isn’t a cache that you need to worry about clearing away if you’re looking to make more room on your hard drive. In the following post, we will walk you through the process of clearing the Location Cache in Windows 11. So let’s get started:

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How to Clear the Location Cache in Your Windows 11

This step-by-step instructional guide will show you how to delete the location cache in Windows 11:

1. You can access the Privacy & Security option by going to the Settings menu on your smartphone and selecting that option.

How to Clear the Location Cache in Your Windows 11

2. To proceed, select the Location tab when you have scrolled down the page.

How to Clear the Location Cache in Your Windows 11

3. To delete your location history, go to the area of the page labelled Location History and click the box labelled “Clear.”

How to Clear the Location Cache in Your Windows 11


Does Windows 11 clear data?

If you select the option to “Keep personal files and programmes,” upgrading to Windows 11 will not lose any of your data as long as you have done so. Use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard in the event that you experience any data loss as a result of updating your operating system. The process of data recovery is simplified and accelerated by the use of this comprehensive file recovery software.

Where is cache memory location?

Cache memory is sometimes referred to as CPU memory, which stands for central processing unit memory. This is due to the fact that cache memory is typically integrated directly into the chip that constitutes the CPU, or it is placed on a separate chip that communicates with the CPU via a separate bus.

Is clean install better for Windows 11?

Upgrade to Windows 11 specifically if you want to maintain access to your files, programmes, and settings after the upgrade. And Windows 11’s clean installation is the way to go if you want a pristine version of Microsoft’s operating system. Always remember to back up your data before making any changes to Windows 11, whether you want to upgrade to Windows 11 or perform a clean installation of Windows 11.

Is resetting Windows 11 safe?

This won’t influence your own documents, yet it will eliminate as of late introduced applications, drivers, and updates that may be causing your PC issues. To reinstall Windows 11, select High level Choices > Recuperate from a drive. This will eliminate your own documents, applications and drivers you introduced, and transforms you made to settings.

Is it safe to clear cache memory?

Clearing your store on Android can let loose significant space and resolve issues with your telephone’s battery, speed, and security. Old stored information can ruin, causing bigger execution issues. If a specific application gets an update, the stored information from a past rendition can cause struggle.