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How to Close Windows in Macbook


For a variety of reasons, you may find yourself in the position of needing to dismiss all of your internet tabs at the same time, including:

Perhaps you were browsing Reddit, Facebook, and The Onion at the same time while at work, when your supervisor walked into the room and abruptly interrupted your session. Alternatively, you may be staring at a screen displaying a plethora of holiday gift ideas when your husband walks through the threshold.

Further alarmingly, your Mac may be overheating and becoming less responsive as a result of all of the opened tabs and windows that you haven’t taken the time to close. Any cause for closing all of the windows on a Mac is as simple as pressing the command key + q on your keyboard. What you need to do is follow the steps below.

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How to Close All Your Windows on a Mac Computer

To use a keyboard shortcut to close all Mac browser windows at the same time, press W while holding down the option and command keys (the latter of which is sometimes referred to as the Apple key). This shortcut should work with the vast majority of browsers, including Safari and Google Chrome, according to the developer.

Use your mouse or trackpad to close all Mac windows in Safari. To do so, go to the “File” menu at the top of the screen and select “Close All Windows” from the drop-down menu. If you are using another browser, you may not be able to take advantage of this function.



How do I close all windows on my computer?

Close any programmes that are currently running on your computer. The Task Manager’s Applications tab is accessed by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete twice, followed by Alt-T twice. To pick all of the programmes that are now displayed in the window, press the down arrow twice, followed by the Shift-down arrow twice more. To exit Task Manager when you’ve finished choosing everything, hit Alt-E, then Alt-F, and finally x to close the window.

What is the shortcut key to close the window?

Action Shortcuts for the Windows and Linux Operating Systems Close the tab that is currently open in your browser. Shortcuts such as Ctrl + w or Ctrl + F4 are available. The current window should be closed as soon as possible. Shortcuts such as Ctrl + Shift + w or Alt + F4 are available on the keyboard. Reduce the size of the current window by clicking on it. Then press Alt + Space to maximize the currently open window on your screen. Then press Alt + Space, followed by x to exit the programme.

Should you quit apps on Mac?

You are not required to close applications once you have completed your work in them; OS X allows you to work with multiple applications open at the same time. When a large number of applications are open, features such as Compressed Memory and App Nap help to keep your Mac working quickly and efficiently. There are no simple solutions to this problem.