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How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4


In The Sims 4, one of the many collections your character can complete is the Metals collection. One of the two methods to enter the realm of being able to work on the collection of elements is to begin by amassing a collection of metals. The presence of metals in your home has a number of wonderful benefits, one of which is that they exude an air of self-assurance throughout the space. This can be of assistance in accelerating the rate at which your Sims acquire self-assurance skills. This post will walk you through collecting metals in The Sims 4, so keep reading! So let’s get started:

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How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

Your first order of business will be to go outside and search for rocks that have flecks of gold and silver scattered throughout them. When you come across them, you will have to dig them up in order to obtain metal, Sim trophies, or treasure maps. It is a slow process, and you will need to continue exploring new worlds and locations, as well as dig up a large number of rocks, to uncover more metals. If you purchase the Get to Work expansion pack, completing the metal collection will become much simpler.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

When you select the Scientist profession, the active career work lot will have numerous rock spawns stacked on top of one another in close proximity. Therefore, you must dig for medals and acquire them significantly faster and consistently. If you are in the career sector, you may talk to your coworkers about metal, and they will respond to you if you ask them for it.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

The scientists are known for their willingness to collaborate. When you reach level 5 in the Scientist job, you can develop a cloning machine that will allow you to quickly duplicate any metals you already own. When you start a new job, you are given a chemical analyzer. With this device, you can study different metals on a machine, and the machine will offer you another metal without consuming the one you examined previously.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

The process of studying a metal can only be done once, and any metals obtained as a result of the analysis cannot be analyzed on their own. Going to work triggers the appearance of alien Sims, and these Sims will be able to transform crystals, metals, and elements into a different kind of crystal, metal, or element at whim. It is the most effective technique for transforming surplus crystals or components into metals.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

A cooldown period is required for aliens, and they can only change the state of an object once per four hours. Imagine that your Sim has progressed through all ten levels of the Scientist career. They have the potential to unlock the alien aura serum drinking, which will provide your Sims with an eight-hour focus boost along with three moodlets. At that point, your Sims will have immediate access to any alien powers they have been granted. In order to allow you to transmit crystals, metals, and elements while also allowing you to obtain additional metals from the collection.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

At Sixam, you will find the means to access and travel to the hidden alien homeworld. The most efficient way to get there is to first earn a level 10 in the Rocket Science talent, then purchase and construct a rocket ship, and lastly add a wormhole generator to your rocket. Additionally, plutonium and solarium metals can only be found in Sixam, making it the only site where your Sims may find them. Metals will spawn after a thunderstorm if you have the season’s expansion pack.

How to Collect the Metals in Sims 4

Let’s say you’ve purchased the Island Living Expansion Pack and accepted the challenge of turning on the Volcanic Activity Lot. If this is the case, volcanic rocks will rain down from the sky, and in addition to providing you with metals, they will also provide you with other valuable resources.


Where is the best place to find crystals and metals in Sims 4?

In spite of this, players have a better chance of discovering rare crystals in locations such as the Forgotten Grotto, which is found in the Oasis Springs area. In order for Sims to reach this location, they will first need to go to the Desert Bloom Park and then break into the entrance to the abandoned mine.

Where do you find things to dig in Sims 4?

Keep an eye out throughout the world for rocks that can be dug up by clicking on them. There are quite a few of them in each neighborhood in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, but you may also find them in other planets.

Where is the secret mine area Sims 4?

Oasis Springs is home to a hidden lot known as the Forgotten Grotto. An abandoned mine entrance may be located deep within the canyon behind Desert Bloom Park and also behind Affluista Mansion. In order for Sims to reach this location, they will need to have a level 10 of the skill “handiness” and will need to bust it open and enter it.

Where is the bunker Sims 4?

Moonwood Mill
The entrance to the bunker is a door that can only be used by werewolves and is located off of the bar area in Moonwood Mill.