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How to Compress a Video on Android (2022)


We frequently need to reduce file size since our computer or mobile device does not have the capacity to hold vast amounts of data. If you’ve ever shot a fantastic video and wanted to share it with your friends, or if you’ve ever installed a security camera around your home or business, you’ve probably run into the video size issue. Our phones do not have adequate storage capacity, which creates a huge issue when it comes to sharing the same video clip with many people. You can easily see that each second of video will be between.8 and.9 MB if you are recording a high-resolution video with ideal settings on your cell phone’s camera.

Whatsapp automatically optimizes the image you wish to share by shrinking the file size of the image you upload. In a recent article, I discussed how to exchange high-quality photographs on Whatsapp without sacrificing on the quality of the images. However, if you wish to send your high-resolution movie over Whatsapp, you will be unable to do so due to the fact that Whatsapp does not handle films larger than 12mb. As a result, the only alternative left is to reduce the file size of the video, which requires the use of a Video Compressor. To our advantage, we have some of the greatest free tools available that can be used both online and offline to compress the size of your video, allowing you to free up storage space on your phone. Specifically, we will explore how to compress a video on an Android device in this post.

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How to Compress a Video on Android

Now, I’ll show you how to compress a movie on Android using a free online video compressor, which you can find on the internet. Compile your movie into a smaller file size by following these simple steps.

  • Clideo’s Online Video Compressor by Clideo is where you may get the app.
  • Then, launch the Video compressor app from your phone’s app store and upload a video file from your phone’s gallery to the app. By clicking on the arrow button, you may either upload it from your Google Drive or copy and paste the URL from an external source such as YouTube.

  • Now, wait a moment while Compressor does everything it can to compress the video without losing quality.

  • Before you download the findings, double-check them.
  • To download the compressed movie to your Android mobile device, select Download from the drop-down menu.



How can I send a video that is too large for Android?

To transmit a large video clip on Android, the simplest method is to share a link to the video file from Google Photos, where the movie is generally instantly synced with the recipient. The majority of video files are too huge to email to your contacts directly.

How do I make my file size smaller on Android?

Question: How can I lower the image size on Android? Originally answered: Navigate to the Camera app’s settings > Picture quality > and select a medium or the lowest quality setting feasible. This will result in a considerable reduction in the size of the image. On the Google Play store, you may get an application called “reduced photo size.”