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How to Connect a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC


This post explains you how to utilize a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows 10 PC and remap some keys if you desire to.

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How Do You Connect a Mac Keyboard to a PC?

Connecting a Mac keyboard to a PC is as straightforward as attaching any other keyboard. It’s possible to plug the keyboard in using the USB cord that comes with it, but a preferable solution is Bluetooth. This is how you should attach it.

1. You may search for Bluetooth on your Windows 10 laptop by typing the word into the search box on the taskbar, or you can navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth from the Start menu.

2. Tap Bluetooth and any other gadgets that you have.

How to Connect a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC

3. To add a Bluetooth or other device, click the Add button.

How to Connect a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC

4. Tap the Bluetooth icon.

How to Connect a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC

5. Patiently wait until the computer recognizes the Magic Keyboard.

6. To access Magic Keyboard, go here.

How to Connect a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC

7. Attend your connection to take effect.

8. Click Done.


Does Apple Magic Keyboard work with Windows PC?

Therefore, the answer to your question is that you will be able to use this keyboard with any good Windows PC, any good Android phone or tablet, and any other device that is capable of supporting Bluetooth keyboards. You will simply use the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, but Touch ID’s features will not be available to you.

Does Apple Magic Keyboard work with Windows Reddit?

I devised a programme for my own usage that I termed “Magic Mac.” Its purpose was to streamline the procedures necessary to make the Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Keyboard compatible with Windows 10×64. All of the functions, such as being able to scroll in several directions with the mouse and using the function keys on the keyboard, as well as adjusting the brightness and volume, are operational. Thank you very much.

Does Apple Magic Keyboard work with multiple devices?

Apple’s wireless keyboards are compatible with a wide range of modern technologies, including Windows and Mac PCs, mobile devices running iOS and Android, and tablets. After the initial connection has been established, you will not need to repeat the pairing process on either your computer or mobile device.

Why is my Magic Keyboard not discoverable?

Check to see if the Bluetooth is active.

Check to see that the Bluetooth feature is active. If the Bluetooth icon does not appear on your computer, or if the status in the menu bar continues to show that Bluetooth is turned off, you will need to restart your computer before attempting to turn Bluetooth back on.

Can Apple Magic Keyboard switch between devices?

Apple’s Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad are peripheral devices that are meant to be used in conjunction with a single computer (they make no reference to multiple device pairings). On the other hand, certain products, like the Logitech MX series and the K380 (which I’m using to type this), can pair with up to three different devices and switch between them with the touch of a button.

What is the pin for Apple Wireless Keyboard?

“0000” is the default code for the vast majority of Bluetooth devices. According to the information provided in this article, older Apple keyboards will prompt you to input a code on the keyboard in order to connect, however newer Apple keyboards only require you to click “yes” in Windows in order to finish pairing.