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Top 5 Task Schedulers: Tools With Which You Won’t Forget Anything


If you often make plans and to-do lists, you can’t do without a handy planning app. Here are 5 free programs for computers and smartphones that will help you effectively master time management and close tasks on time.

Any such tool will become a personal pocket assistant, which competently arranges things on the calendar and reminds about the meeting. It’s especially convenient to have a common platform when working as a team. Everyone sees the circle of his obligations and tasks in the common system, so it’s much easier to interact with the team on the project.

Microsoft To Do

A free program that syncs with iOS and Android, and has Outlook integration.

There’s a “My Day” section with personalized recommendations for better time management.

The program allows you to share information with others. Global plans can be broken down into steps, set deadlines and alerts, and categorized by color.

The program has other benefits:

  • Setting a recurring task template.
  • Adding a note and file to each item is available.
  • You can choose a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye.


The tool is focused on teamwork and personnel management due to its convenient organization. All information is presented on the board, which you can organize by dividing entries into columns and cards. You can enter detailed information for each card: comments, attachments, deadlines, checklists. Tasks are easy to move between columns, controlling the stages of completion and the goals achieved.

There is integration with other applications, desktop and mobile versions, and support for different browsers. There’s Butler, a built-in workflow automation.

If you don’t know where to start, use the standard templates for business, education, personal, project management and more.

Remember The Milk

The tool adapts to the client’s needs and allows you to create an organization that is easy to use. You can use lists and sort with tags.

The program has a Smart Add feature. It’s needed for adding a task property in one line, including deadlines, priority, tags. The smart system will recognize the information and send a message to the right place.

It’s also possible to make smart lists. These are items selected by specific search criteria. For example, things that are important or take no more than 30 minutes to complete. These can be tasks you must complete today or gambling at an online casino Canada for rest during the day.

For large goals and tasks, it’s better to create subtasks. The service sends text messages and alerts via email and Twitter.

It’s possible to connect to Google Drive or Dropbox to store files, documents, presentations and pictures together with the corresponding records.

Information can be entered without an internet connection: as soon as a connection is available, the new case will show up on all sites.


This option will suit those who lack the motivation to follow the planned plans on a daily basis. The service combines the functions of a planner and a computer game and helps get rid of bad habits.

When you register, you create an avatar whose fate is now in your hands. If you complete all of your tasks in time, you’re rewarded. So you pump up your skills or improve your character’s equipment. For failure to meet deadlines or refusal of the case, the character is punished and points are taken away. You can defeat monster tasks together with your friends. If a team member shirks their duties, everyone suffers.

The program integrates with Chrome and takes away your points if you hang out on useless sites for a long time. But visiting useful resources adds points to your bankroll.

Google Keep

It’s a simple but functional to-do planner. It’s great for making shopping lists, attaching photos, and taking voice memos.

For those who are constantly forgetting to buy something, the reminder option will be useful. Enter the information where and when you will go shopping. When you are there, the assistant will send a message with the necessary details.

Access to the notes can be given to relatives and family: so they will be able to make changes to the entries. Created items are sorted by color or content.

There is synchronization on all gadgets where the service is installed. It is integrated with the Google Office suite, which means you can transfer information to Google Docs and Slides. Reminders are automatically saved in Calendar.


Making a proper plan not only helps you not to forget about things but also helps you plan your work more effectively, prioritize and even motivate you to implement what you have planned. You’ll agree what a pleasure it is to cross off another item and know that you’re doing a good job.

Multitasking has long been the norm, so the need for such an assistant is increasing. It’s difficult to keep a large amount of data in the head, and the desire not to forget anything – only increases anxiety. With electronic assistants, everything becomes easier.