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How To Connect Firestick Remote To Tv – Complete Guide


If you have an Amazon Fire TV, the Firestick remote control may be a really helpful item to have around the house. However, before you can begin using the remote, you must first couple it with your television.

You’ll notice a minor difference in the procedure based on whether or not you already have linked remotes, as well as whether or not you’re using an off-brand Bluetooth remote.

Learn all you need to know about pairing your Firestick or other compatible remote with your Amazon Fire TV in this article.

How to pair a Firestick remote with Tv

  • The Home button on your Firestick remote should be held down for a full 10 seconds before you may use it.
  • To confirm that your remote has been linked, you will either see the blue light on your remote flash a few times, or you will get a confirmation message on the screen. Disconnect the Firestick from its power source and remove the batteries, then re-plug it in and replace the batteries if you are still unable to view either. Try pressing the Home button once more to see if it helps.

How to add or replace a Firestick remote

  • Start by launching your original Firestick control and pressing its Home button.
  • Decide on Options.
  • Select Bluetooth devices and controllers.

  • Go to Amazon’s Fire TV Remotes page. ‘

  •  Select Add New Remote on the next page.


  • Hold down the Home button on your new Firestick remote until it’s identified and activated.
  • Press Select on your old remote control. After that, you should see both remotes on your device’s list.

How to pair a Firestick remote when you lost the old one

To connect your new Firestick remote to your phone, you’ll need a paired remote that works:

  • Open the Firestick app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • If you don’t see the option to add a device, click the option to add a device. Then, input your account details.
  • To use your phone as a remote, you’ll need to enter your PIN.
  • To access the Settings menu on your phone or tablet, go to the Home screen and then pick Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth devices and controllers.
  • Enter your username and password and pick the Add New Remote option.
  • Hold down the Home button on your new Firestick remote until it’s identified and activated.
  • Make a selection by pressing Select on your mobile device or tablet. After that, your new remote control should show in the list.

How to pair a non-Firestick remote

A non-Firestick remote must be compatible in order to be paired.

Specific Bluetooth profiles are recognised by Amazon Fire TV, such as A2DP, HID, and serial port profile (SPP).
It should be stated in your remote’s user manual what kind of Bluetooth profile it uses, and whether or not it is compatible with Amazon Fire TV.

Here’s how to link your remote if it’s compatible:

  • Go into the Settings of your Fire TV menu.
  •  Choose Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  •  Select Other Bluetooth Devices.
  •  Choose Add Bluetooth Devices.

  • It will then begin scanning for your device. Select the name from the list of devices on the screen after it has recognised it.

The pairing of your non-Firestick remote control should be confirmed by a notification on your TV. Afterwards, you may use it like a normal Firestick remote.

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