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How to Counter Zarya in Overwatch 2


Zarya Counter Overwatch 2 – Zarya Counter There are three different classes of heroes in Overwatch 2, which are tank, support, and damage. You are undoubtedly aware of these classes already. Zarya, a character in the video game Overwatch 2 who is considered to be one of the game’s top tanks, will be the focus of this article.

If you have ever competed against an opponent with Zarya, you probably have some idea of how difficult the hero can make certain circumstances for you. In this guide, we will cover how to deal with Zarya in Overwatch 2.

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How to Counter Zarya in Overwatch 2

Zarya possesses some very impressive defensive and offensive talents. On top of everything else, the hero has a large health point total, which makes things even more difficult. The hero deals an incredible amount of damage, enough to kill multiple heroes at once, including those that deal damage and those that provide support.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud: the hero doesn’t actually have any skills that would allow them to flee, and certain heroes can utilise this to their advantage (more on this later). A quick rundown of Zarya’s talents is as follows:

How to Counter Zarya in Overwatch 2

  • Primary Weapon: The Particle Cannon, which projects powerful energy beams in a straight path and deals significant damage. In addition to her active ability, Zarya possesses a passive one. The particle cannon’s damage output will increase in direct proportion to the amount of damage Zarya is able to withstand.
  • Zarya is surrounded by a protective barrier that functions more like an absorbent one thanks to Zarya’s L-shift ability, which is called Particle Barrier. Zarya is better able to withstand harm thanks to this ability.
  • Projected Barrier is an ability accessed by pressing the “E” button. It erects a shield around a friendly hero, protecting them from any harm that may be dealt to them.
  • The Ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, when used draws all foes towards the surge, making them easy targets. If used in conjunction with a powerful hero, this has the potential to wipe out the whole opposing team.


Is Zarya good in OverWatch 2?

Zarya is a potent damage dealer due to the fact that her Particle Cannon can deliver a significant amount of damage when it is charged to its maximum potential. In addition to that, being that it is a beam weapon, it is immune to most forms of damage mitigation as well as other reflect abilities, such as Genji’s reflect.

Why does Winston counter Zarya?

Flats, according to Winston. It is impossible for her to concentrate on both defending her own backline and assaulting yours at the same time. You don’t put much of an effort into providing her charge because Winston’s damage is quite low. In contrast to D, his bubble has the ability to deflect her beam.

Who counters Roadhog OverWatch 2?

Support If you play the support role, Kiriko is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a Roadhog counter. This comes as no surprise to anyone. Protection Suzu has no trouble getting out of his Chain Hook. On top of that, Kiriko is farming ultimate charge against a Roadhog despite the fact that he and his team have no method to reduce the damage they take, not even Kiriko.

Can you break Zarya bubble Overwatch 2?

You can pop both of her bubbles, but what are you going to do if you do? She’ll have a full charge of the weapon. So, select your poison. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just let her finish blowing her own bubble and then proceed to take her out.