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How To Craft Small Game Arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2


Players in Red Dead Redemption 2 have access to a wide variety of weapons and tools to use in hunting the game’s many animals. In addition to a plethora of rifles and shotguns, Red Dead Redemption 2 gives players a selection of ammo types to use with their weapons. The Bow is not exempt from this complexity, since there are a variety of arrows that players can make and employ.

Each variety of arrow has a unique purpose and can significantly alter the quality of the pelt and corpse a player takes home after a successful hunt. Small game arrows, enhanced arrows, poison arrows, fire arrows, and dynamite arrows are just some of the five different types of arrow upgrades available in Red Dead Redemption 2. This article is intended to assist gamers who are interested in learning how to make arrows for use against small game.

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How To Craft Small Game Arrows – Red Dead Redemption 2

There is no need for players to track down a formula in order to make arrows for small game; all they need are the proper components. All you need is one flight feather, one ordinary arrow, and one shotgun shell to complete this list. Plucking feathers from any of the game’s avian inhabitants is a viable option. There’s a long list, but some examples are the ducks, pheasants, ravens, vultures, and even the elusive owl in Red Dead Redemption 2. Players need only kill these creatures to gain access to their feathers.

How To Craft Small Game Arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2

You can order arrows and shotgun shells from the catalogues of local Gunsmiths and General Stores. A box of 18 shotgun shells costs $1, while a bundle of five arrows costs 50 cents. In the game’s crafting menu, one of each element is all that’s needed to make a tiny gaming arrow.

How To Craft Small Game Arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can craft by opening the Crafting menu and choosing the Crafting Tools or Campsite option, depending on what they want to make. To begin, players need to be outside of any of the cities or the Van der Linde gang’s hideouts in order to use this function in Red Dead Redemption 2. Next, head over to the ammunition area of the crafting menu and look for the arrow – tiny game option. ​​​​​​


What is considered small game in rdr2?

The term “small game” refers to a wide variety of animals, including opossums, rabbits, and other similar critters. The fact that rabbits are so common makes them an excellent option for this task; yet, the majority of the time, all you’ll need is patience.

How do you learn crafting recipes in rdr2 online?

Simply use the right button on the d-pad to open the satchel, and then navigate to the papers tab once it’s open. You will find an area for recipe pamphlets once you get at that location. After making this selection, you will be able to look through the list of recipes that you have. You can study each step individually in order to figure out the formula.

Where can I find squirrels in rdr2?

The following is a list of Squirrel Spawn Locations in Red Dead 2:

Squirrels can be found in the woods to the north of Clemen’s Point, which is the location of the gang’s camp in Chapter 3, which is located directly west of Rhodes in Lemoyne. You can also discover squirrels in the woods surrounding Clemen’s Point.

Where can I buy pamphlets in rdr2?

In the Limpany Sheriff’s office, there is a lockbox located beneath the desk. On a plateau to the southeast of Vetter’s Echo, you’ll find the chest close to a bloodstained tent. Under the planks of the floor of a hut that is located to the east and somewhat south of the railroad tracks that go through Eris Field. At Hani’s Bethel, in a lockbox that is positioned beneath a broken waggon.

Where can I find rabbits in rdr2?

Locations of the various types of Rabbit Spawn in Red Dead 2

Simply travelling along a road on your horse will cause you to run over more than your share. You will have the best luck finding the Rabbit in the area around Boulder Blade and the fields that are located to the east of Braithewaite Manor in the southern part of Lemoyne.