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7 Tips for Keeping Yourself Secured When Using Twitter


Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms in today’s modern age. It allows users to connect even if they are a thousand miles apart. Individuals use Twitter to express themselves and discuss their interests with friends. And some people even maximize these platforms to grow their business and individual careers.

But just like the other social media platform giants, Twitter has become a dangerous place filled with some bad guys to harass and abuse other people. Cyberbullying, attacks from online trolls, and even account hacking are some of the worst that can happen to some. That is why you need to know how to make Twitter account private and protect yourself from any danger that may arise in the future. And to make you feel safer while using Twitter, here are some other tips that you can use to protect yourself and enjoy this exciting platform without worries.

1. Be Smart with Passwords

Twitter is a goldmine for hackers. Once the hacker is inside your account, they can easily access your personal information and use it according to their wants and needs. That is why many cyber security experts always remind internet users to keep their passwords as strong and unique as possible. 

For them, a password should be a mix of letters and numbers and must at least consist of more than six characters in length. And also, always remember that you should not share your passwords with others no matter what.

2. Use the Login Verification

Sometimes, having a reliable password is not enough to keep our account safe from intrusion. But thanks to Twitter’s two-factor authentication, you can now make your account safe from hackers that want to get their hands on your sensitive information and account. 

To use this security feature on Twitter, go to More> Settings and Privacy > Account > Security. From here, you can now set up how you receive your second way of verification. You can also activate password reset protection to make your account safer and secured.

3. Deactivate Tweet Location

As we all know, Twitter has a feature that you can send tweets with attached location data on it. You can use this to share your whereabouts and places that you visit to connect with other people. 

But this well-intended location feature can be used by others to keep track of your whereabouts and location. But luckily, you can deactivate this option by going to Setting and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Location Information and unchecking Add Location Information to my Tweets. You can also delete the location data from your previous tweets.

4. Hide and Edit Your Discoverability

Like the other social media platforms, Twitter can use your phone and email contacts to look for people you might know and suggest them to you as people to follow. And it also means that Twitter will recommend you to other people who saved your number on their phones and people who have your email address. 

Luckily, by default, this feature is always switched off. But if you want to make things sure, go to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Discoverability. From there, you can see and be sure that all the options are unchecked.

5. Block and Mute Accounts

There might be some Twitter users that may annoy you with their tweets. Some might even stalk your account and feel weird about it. And the best way to resolve those problems is by muting or blocking them. 

Muting means that you can no longer see their tweets on your feeds. While blocking can prevent someone from following you and seeing what you tweet. The two ways of blocking and muting are: (1) go to the account’s profile, click the three-dot icon and choose from Mute or Block. (2) Click the downward-facing arrow from within your feed and then choose from Mute or Block.

6. Hide Sensitive Contents

In the Twitter world, you can see a wide range of content displayed on its platform. And that is why some of them might contain sensitive content you might not want to see. To prevent seeing sensitive content, go to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety and ensure that the box besides the Display media that may contain sensitive content is unchecked. 

7. Tweet Wisely

Of course, all of us must be responsible enough to maintain the Twitter community safe for everyone. That is why everyone, even you, must refrain from posting tweets that can make others feel uncomfortable using this platform. If we all do this, your favorite social media application, Twitter, can be a haven for people who share kindness and joy with the world.

Final Thoughts

The list above is some of the most common security tips you can use to keep yourself safe while using Twitter. It is not an exhaustive list of all security and privacy features of Twitter, but the things above are proven to help people that encounter different problems concerning their wellbeing. So if you open your Twitter account today, follow the steps above, and let’s make the Twitter platform a safe place for all. Stay tuned to for more updates.