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How To Cross Out Text In Discord – Complete Guide


Discord has grown to be the most popular online chat software, allowing gamers, business people, social organizations, and just about any other collection of folks to communicate via voice and text chat. Discord is a server-based application with each group having its own little universe with unique regulations, bots to add flavor, member groups, and much more .How To Cross Out or Strike Through Text in DiscordAl though the major emphasis of Discord is on voice communication to allow gamers to interact with one another online, the chat component of the service is likewise robust and complete. As a result, Discord has become a popular platform for many different communities outside of gaming.

Discord, on the other hand, has a lot of features and capabilities, which might make it difficult to get started. Discord supports Markdown Text formatting, so I’ll teach you how to use that in this post to add formatting to your text chats.

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Understanding Markdown Text

Discord’s text formatting system is Markdown Text. It uses plain text for formatting and generates HTML from what you write in basic text. In essence, it transposes whatever you type in plain text into HTML, which is then displayed on a browser.

The purpose is to provide more flexibility and ease of use for text formatting by allowing users to type only simple text with the formatting codes (which aren’t complicated or lengthy). With very little work, a person may create a wide range of visual effects using this method. This incorporates the capacity to make words stand out, highlight them, and other similar modifications

Markdown is a text formatting language written in Perl, which is also a very popular online programming language. Markdown’s basic idea is that it’s easier to use than HTML while achieving the same visual results, and without having to deal with opening and closing tags.

In this guide, we’ll go through the various Markdown features and explain how to use them. This text tool has a lot of different uses, so we’ll go over each of the basic things you can do with it in this section. The fundamental idea behind all of these formatting codes is simple: before or after the text you want to modify You enter the codes directly in the Discord chat window, and everyone else (including yourself) sees the changed text as output.

Markdown is used on several other websites, such as Reddit, to allow users to easily change their text without having to know how to write any HTML. With that quick primer out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can use Markdown to create some common text effects in Discord.

How to Use Markdowns

To make good use of the markdowns, you must first understand that they require the characters to be in front and behind the text. For example, if you’re creating a markdown, you’ll need to use precisely the right number of keys. You’ll get something similar to this if you don’t follow established methods:

The image above makes no sense if you’re a new user, and it shouldn’t appear like that at all. Continue reading to learn how successful Discord markdowns work. Creating Strikethrough Text

You can use a double ‘~’ tilde to strikethrough. (On most keyboards, the tilde is to the left of the ‘1’ key).Example:

Creating Bold Text

Before: Selling a home in today’s market is hard. It’s tough to find the right buyer who has both the money and desire for your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t price it competitively.

Creating Italicized Text

One asterisk is added to each side of the text you wish to italicize in order to create italics. n: For example, if I write “PLEASE do not contact,” it will look like this:

Creating Underlined Text

For underlining, you add two ‘_’ underscore characters. Example:

Combining Text Effects

You can also mix and match effects by using the same codes. For example, three asterisks will produce bold, italicized text.

You can get really creative with Markdown by using multiple codes. The syntax doesn’t mind. Markup isn’t a moral compass. All you have to do is tell it what you want it to display, and it will render that output. For example,

Inserting Spoiler Tags

Some people in the movie Avengers: Endgame manage to undo the “Snap” that happened earlier in the movie. If you are mad at me for telling you that, you need to get over it. The movie came out months ago. But if this was the day after, and you wanted to say that on Discord, you would have You can use a spoiler tag to type this message and not show it. Add 2 ‘|’ pipe characters and the text between them will be hidden.

How can you use this technique to your advantage? Notice how the spoiler in the displayed text is blacked out? The secret is exposed if a user clicks on the black region. This way, you may include whatever spoilers you like, and only those who wish to know will be aware of them. If they self-spoil by doing so,

Note* The backslash key on most keyboards is the bar. To obtain the “|,” hit Shift+ instead of Shift +Click.

Inserting Empty Lines

You can use Shift + Enter to create an empty line anywhere in your message if you’re typing a lengthy comment (for example, a furious statement regarding how it is unethical and incorrect to disclose that Black Widow dies in Endgame).Example:

Using Code Blocks

Although Markup does not have a special feature dedicated to allowing you to quote another user, the Code Block tool may be used as a workaround. The Code Block feature lets you to highlight code in the text, which is not technically a quotation.

The grave accent ‘`’ character, which is to the left of the 1 on most keyboards, may be used to create a one-line code block. The text will look different in chat when it’s enclosed with a grave character. Example:

You may also add three grave accents at the start and end of text to produce multi-line code blocks. For example:


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you strike through a text you’ve already sent?

Yes. If you hover over the text, you will see a pin icon that will say ‘Edit.’ Click that option and add your ~~ before and after the text. Hit the small ‘Save’ option just underneath the text and your text will have a line through it.

Can I strike through someone else’s message?

No. Even as the server owner, you do not have the option to edit someone’s message. If you don’t like that person’s message then you can reply with an emoji or delete it by clicking on the three dots next to it.

Final Thoughts

As you may see, Markdown is a form of text markup. You can use it to create a variety of useful text effects when texting in Discord. And, fortunately, Markdown is an incredibly simple language to grasp.

Markup is a way to make your text chats in Discord better. You can’t do everything, but it will make them more fun! Do you have any other ideas for using Markup in Discord? Tell us about them below!