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How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome


Google Chrome is a well-known web browser that is known for being secure, powerful, and offering a wide variety of personalization choices. Chrome gives you the option to customise the look and feel of a page whenever you open a new tab in the browser. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of personalizing the new tab page in Chrome by using a stock image from Chrome.

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How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

One approach for modifying the image that serves as the background on the New Tab page involves making use of one of the built-in stock photographs that come standard with Chrome.

1. To open a new tab in Chrome, click the menu button that looks like three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select New Tab from the drop-down menu that appears.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

2. Make your selection by clicking the “Customize” option on the drop-down menu that appears in the lower-right hand corner of the page.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

3. To change the background, select the Background tab from the menu.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

4. Make your selection from the drop-down menu, which includes options such as Art, Seascapes, Textures, and Landscapes.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

5. Click the Done button after making your selection from one of the image thumbnails in the gallery.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome

You have updated the picture that is displayed in the background of the Chrome New Tab page.

How to Customize a New Tab Page in Chrome


Can I color my tabs in Chrome?

You may add the Tab Colorizer extension to Chrome by going to its page and clicking the Add to Chrome button. 2. You should see an icon appear in the top right corner of the screen within the extensions area. On Windows, simply use the command Ctrl+Shift+Space, and on a Mac, use Command+Shift+Space. This will allow you to add a colour code to any tab.

How do you dye a coat of tabs?

Tab Colorizer | Change the colour of your tab here! To cycle among the different tab colours, use Command + Shift + Space (or Ctrl + Shift + Space). You have the ability to alter the colour of the icon for every tab that you now have open to any colour that you have previously defined.

Can I rename a tab in Chrome?

Did you know that you can give individual tabs in Chrome a new name? Chrome, much like virtually every other web browser, displays the name of a tab based on the title of the website being visited. Because the majority of websites utilise meaningful full titles for their pages, taking the title and putting it as the tab name is widely considered to be acceptable practise.

What is the first page of a website called?

The term “homepage” refers to the initial page that loads when you visit a website. A page or group of pages on the World Wide Web that contains specific information provided by one person or entity and tracks back to a common Uniform Resource Locator is what is meant when one refers to a website (URL).

What is the use of name window?

Setting or retrieving the name of a window is accomplished with the help of the Window name property. In most cases, it is used to change the name of a window that has already been created at some point in the past. It hands back a string that stands for the window’s name and represents that string. Return Value: It gives back a string value that can be interpreted as the name of the window.