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How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac


Users are able to link many Netflix profiles to a single account, which is a well-known feature of the streaming service. Depending on the pricing and services that are selected, the use of profiles can either be done simultaneously or independently of one another. In any case, the Netflix profiles that are now available are of the highest quality. In addition to this, the procedure of creating them is quite uncomplicated. It is perfectly possible to erase a profile using either a personal computer or a Mac, regardless of whether or not you stream Netflix on any of these devices. This tutorial will show you how to delete your Netflix profile from a personal pc or a mac using the various stages involved. So let’s get started:

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How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac

To begin, the procedure is the same whether you use a Mac or a PC, so don’t worry about whatever platform you have. This is due to the fact that you will not be using a Netflix app that is platform-specific to either macOS or Windows. You are going to remove the desired profile by utilising the browser of your choice. If you are ready to get rid of a profile on Netflix, you can do it by following these steps:

1. You can access your account on the “Netflix website” by going there and signing in.

How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac

2. To edit your profile, select “Manage Profiles.”

How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac

3. Simply select the “profile” that you want to get rid of and click on it.

How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac

4. Select “Delete Profile” from the menu. The next step is to affirm your choice.

How to Delete a Netflix Profile from a PC or Mac


Does deleting a Netflix profile remove it from all devices?

No, erasing a profile on Netflix will only remove the choices and settings associated with that particular profile.

How long does Netflix keep your profile?

If you cancel your Netflix membership, the company will preserve your membership credentials, including your profiles, watch list, video ratings, and suggestions, for up to ten months after you’ve terminated your account. You will be able to put your membership on hold provided that you resume your payment of monthly fees within the allotted time period of ten months.

Do Netflix profiles disappear?

If you notice that Netflix is deleting your profile and history without your intervention, this is most likely due to a problem with Netflix’s remote servers or an issue with the timeout feature. Perform some revitalizations. If the issue continues, you should attempt to log out completely and then log back in again.

How many devices can have the same profile on Netflix?

If you subscribe to Netflix on the Basic plan (which costs $9.99 per month), you’ll only be able to watch content on a single screen. You have the ability to watch Netflix on two screens at the same time if you have a Standard subscription, which costs $15.49 per month. Those who subscribe to Netflix using the Premium plan, which costs $19.99 per month, have the ability to view Netflix on four screens at the same time.

Does Netflix delete inactive profiles?

Netflix will keep a user’s favourites, profiles, viewing preferences, and account details for a period of ten months after an inactive account has been terminated. This is done so that, in the event that a user decides to sign up for Netflix once more, they can reactivate their accounts exactly as they were.

How many people can watch Netflix at once?

Netflix enables users to view on several devices at the same time, making it an ideal service for families to use together. Depending on the Netflix plan that you subscribe to, you have the ability to stream content on anywhere from one to four devices at the same time. You are also able to establish up to five different profiles on Netflix, each with their own set of personalized recommendations.