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How To Delete Voicemail On An Android


It is possible that you will require knowledge on how to erase voicemail messages if you have a voicemail service that is set up to cover the times when you are unable to answer incoming phone calls. In this piece, we will go over the simplest method for erasing voicemail messages from your Android phone. In addition, our Frequently Asked Questions contain information on how to restore any communications that have been mistakenly lost or corrupted.

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How To Delete Voicemail On An Android

To delete a voicemail from your phone, or multiple voicemails at once, follow these steps:

1. Launch the application for accessing the voicemail.

How To Delete Voicemail On An Android

2. You can access your voicemail by choosing that option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

3. After selecting a voicemail to play, navigate to the menu indicated by the three dots in the upper right corner.

How To Delete Voicemail On An Android

4. Select “Delete”

How To Delete Voicemail On An Android

  • Pressing and holding the first voicemail message, followed by selecting “More items” from the drop-down menu that displays, will allow you to delete multiple voicemails all at once.
  • Next, pick “Delete” once you have checked the “I understand” box that appears after clicking “Delete.”


Why can’t I delete a voicemail on my phone?

The most typical solution for this problem is to put your phone into Airplane Mode and then to exit that mode again. When you switch your phone to aeroplane mode, all cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals are disabled. Putting the phone into aeroplane mode and then turning it back on again has been successful for a couple of the people I contacted about troubles with their voicemails, so I would recommend giving it a shot.

What is the number to delete voicemail?

After that, you will have the option to listen to several voicemail messages or skip through them, at which point you can hit 9 to keep the messages that you do not wish to delete. Finally, press 7 while listening to any of your voicemails, and all of them will be removed from your phone permanently.

What is Android voicemail number?

Simply open the dial pad on your Android phone, place your finger on the “1” key, and keep it pressed down while you dial the number of your voicemail. You can also access your voicemail from another phone by dialling your own number, then pressing the pound key when the voicemail system picks up.

Where are voicemails stored on Android?

The fundamental email is not kept on the Android device; rather, it is kept on the server, where it is accompanied with an expiration date. On the other hand, the voice message is significantly more convenient because it can be downloaded and saved on the device you are using. You have the option of saving your data either on the device’s built-in storage or on an external SD card.

Where are my deleted voicemails?

Launch the Voicemail app, then select “Menu” from the drop-down list. Tap Deleted Voicemails. After that, the application will present you with a list of voicemails that are accessible for restoration. Hold down the selection button for the one you want to keep.