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How To Delete Your Netflix Account: The Ultimate Guide


Netflix is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. It’s also one of the most popular streaming services in the world, with over 125 million members.
However, managing your Netflix account can be quite daunting, especially if you want to delete it. But don’t worry! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to delete your account and get rid of all of your past subscriptions, so you can start fresh.
There are 3 different ways to cancel Netflix: by phone, online or by mail. We’ll go through them all step-by-step below. Whether you’re canceling because of dissatisfaction with the service or because your membership was stolen, this guide will teach you how to get back to binge-watching with ease!

Netflix profiles are a godsend for households or pals who proportion an account. You can create as much as 5 profiles, and every one receives its personal viewing records and pointers. By developing more than one profiles, you will by no means want to have your children’s anime choices have an impact on the pointers that Netflix makes for you.

You additionally would possibly need to delete a profile which you not want or need. That’s clean to do from an internet browser, cell device, or television, with one caveat: you cannot delete your number one account profile.

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How to delete a Netflix profile On PC ?

Any profile apart from the number one one on your account may be without difficulty deleted from an internet browser.

  •  In a browser, log into Netflix with any profile.
  •  Position the pointer over your profile icon on the pinnacle proper of the window, and click “Manage Profiles.”

  •  Click the profile you need to delete.
  •  Click “Delete Profile.” Then affirm you really need to try this with the aid of using clicking “Delete Profile” again.


How to delete a Netflix profile in your Phone

  •  Start the Netflix app.
  •  Tap “More” with inside the decrease proper nook of the screen.
  •  At the pinnacle of the screen, tap “Manage Profiles.”
  •  Tap the profile you need to delete.

  • Tap “Delete.” You’ll want to verify which you need to do that through tapping “Yes.”

How to delete a Netflix profile to your TV

In general, each clever TV and streaming media participant is a bit bit different, however the procedure to delete a profile from those gadgets is greater or much less the same. Here is a way to do it the usage of a Roku participant.

  • Start Netflix.
  • Using the far flung control, navigate to the left and select “Switch Profiles.”

  • Navigate to the profile you need to delete, after which pick the pencil icon underneath the profile.
  •  Select “delete Profile” after which verify your choice.

If you’ve got got a specific media participant or clever TV, you need to be capable of discover the choice to delete profiles easily — it is nearly usually discovered with the aid of using choosing the pencil icon below the profiles. And in case you absolutely cannot discover it, take into account that you could usually delete profiles in an internet browser for your pc or for your smartphone.


Netflix is an amazing service, but it does come with its share of downsides. If you find that you just don’t use the service enough, or you’re just not happy with it, then cancelling your account is an option. Just be careful about the steps you take to cancel your account so that you don’t get charged more than you want.