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How To Double Rank Up in Valorant


As with any competitive activity, there is a ranking system in place for Valorant, which is a competitive 5v5 first-person shooter that focuses on tactical combat. Given this, players will want to quickly rise through the ranks and achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Good news! You can get to the rank you want more quickly if you take advantage of the double rank ups. So how exactly do you go about doubling your rank in Valorant?

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How To Double Rank Up in Valorant

Step 1: Perform well in games

How To Double Rank Up in Valorant

It is imperative that you play well in all of your matches in order to improve your MMR and give yourself the best possible opportunity of achieving a double rank. Your matchmaking ranking, also known as MMR, is what decides your overall rank. Both a strong fighting score and a high fragging score will contribute considerably to the MMR improvements you experience.

Your MMR will increase significantly if you achieve performance that is superior to your current rank and if you are victorious over other players who have a higher rank than you.

Step 2: Get a win streak

How To Double Rank Up in Valorant

Your MMR will increase even more if you are successful in winning consecutive matches at your current competitive rating. Even a short win streak of two victories can have a significant impact on your MMR, therefore even a large number of consecutive wins will have a greater impact on your MMR.