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How to Download the Discord on Your PC


It is largely owing to the fact that it is capable of combining text-based and voice-based chat that Discord has become such a popular platform for the transmission of messages among gamers. Not only can users discuss their favourite games and web material on Discord, but they can also use the platform to speak with one another while participating in online gaming sessions.

In point of fact, you can even download the Discord software onto your personal computer so that you can use it even when your browser is not open. When playing video games with your pals on a computer, this feature might be extremely useful. Continue reading to find out how.

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How to Download the Discord on Your PC

1. Launch your internet browser and navigate to the website located at Then, in the upper-left hand corner of your screen, select the “Download” option.

How to Download the Discord on Your PC

2. Navigate to the button on the screen that corresponds to the operating system that is installed on your computer, such as Windows. After that, click the option that says “Download Now.”

How to Download the Discord on Your PC

3. In the area that displays your downloads, you will see the file “DiscordSetup.exe.” Simply double-click on the file to launch it.

How to Download the Discord on Your PC

4. When the pop-up window displays, select the “Run” option from the menu.

Just make sure to pay attention to any additional instructions that might pop up, and that’s it! You should now be able to use the Discord client on your personal computer.

To use Discord, search for “Discord” on your personal computer in the same way that you would search for any other app or piece of software, and when the results arrive, select the Discord app from the list.


Is there a Discord app for PC?

You can use Discord even when you’re not connected to the internet by downloading the desktop client to your computer and running it there. The Mac operating system, in addition to mobile platforms like Android and iPhone, are both supported by Discord.

Why cant I Download the Discord app on my PC?

First, exit the installer that is now running on your PC and then restart it. After that, you will need to return to the Discord website in order to redownload the installer. Launch the installation and continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, you need to wait till the installation is finished.

What does Discord mean in Roblox?

Roblox users have established a community they can name their own on the platform known as Discord. Conversations with new and old acquaintances, as well as the formation of bonds with them, are all possible on dedicated servers. Text channels are organised according to topics, providing you with a venue to discuss specifics related to Roblox and beyond.

Is Discord ok for 12 year olds?

Although Discord does not check a user’s age when they join up for the service, users must be at least 13 years old in order to utilise the platform. Because of the open conversation environment, Common Sense Media also advises users of Discord to be at least 13 years old.

Why did Roblox ban the word Discord?

The links to Discord have been disabled because they posed a security risk; however, very soon we will be able to link our servers within the social media sections of games, which will give Roblox the ability to manage who can read the links. Roblox attempted to discourage its users from exchanging connection information by censoring the phrase “Discord,” but as you can see, this measure was ineffective.