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How to Connect My Microsoft Account to My PS4


In order to participate in multiplayer games of Minecraft with players on other platforms, you will need to link your PS4 to your Microsoft account. Don’t panic even if you have no idea how to accomplish that task. Learn how to do it by taking a look at the steps that are outlined in the following paragraphs:

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How to Connect My Microsoft Account to My PS4

1. In the Minecraft game, go to the main menu and select the appropriate option.

2. Follow the instructions further down the page to learn how to select the option to Sign in using a Microsoft Account.

How to Connect My Microsoft Account to My PS4

3. You will see an eight-digit number and a link that takes you to the Microsoft Live Login website when you click on the Sign In popup that appears, as shown in the image.

How to Connect My Microsoft Account to My PS4

4. At this time, navigate to the Microsoft Live Login page, and in the empty box that is provided, enter the eight-digit Code that was just issued to you.

5. After that, select the Next option by clicking the button.

How to Connect My Microsoft Account to My PS4

6. Before you can link your Microsoft account to your PlayStation 4 and begin playing Minecraft, you are need to first sign in to your Microsoft account.


Why can’t I connect my Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4?

There are a few different approaches that can be used to fix this problem. Logging into the Xbox app or will allow you to check to see if your Microsoft account already has a Gamertag associated with it. After that, I strongly suggest reinstalling the game on your PlayStation 4 (PS4) console. That should trigger the game to request that you log in once more.

Why won’t my Microsoft account connect to Minecraft?

If you already have a Microsoft Account, you can attempt to restore it and revert it back to its default settings. Did you find this response to be helpful? In situations like this, Minecraft may be quite picky at times. I would keep trying to exit the game, relaunch it, and play it again until I was successful.

How do I find linked accounts on Microsoft?

To access your accounts on a Windows 10 device on which you are already signed in, pick the Start menu followed by Settings. You’ll see a list of the usernames linked with your device under the Email & app accounts heading.

Why isnt my Microsoft account working?

First, give the simplest solution a shot: if you can remember your password but it isn’t working, make sure that the Caps Lock key isn’t down and that your email address is typed correctly before giving it another shot. If your password is still not functioning properly, it is necessary to change it to a new one.

Do I need a Microsoft account for Minecraft?

Users of Minecraft will be required to have a Microsoft account in order to play any of the company’s games moving forward. An official blog post for Minecraft made the announcement that in the future, in order to play any of the company’s games, including the Minecraft Java Edition, players will need a Microsoft account.