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How To Draw Among Us


Don’t know how to draw a picture of ONE OF US? It’s a piece of cake! Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a character from the game AMONG US will be provided in this brief lesson.

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How To Draw Among Us: Basic Skill

Allow me to begin to sketch this adorable character from this fun game. Let’s get started!

Drawing Contours

To begin, I’m going to come right here and start with a curve and work my way across the page, but before I complete this side, I’m going to come to this side right here and round off this corner, bringing it down sort of straight, but not too much, just another curve coming down.

As you can see, we’re kind of drawing this oval shape here. It’s a weird shape, there’s no right or wrong way to draw it, you just kind of want to bring in this oval and about right here, I’m going to start to bring it down taper it in and then go ahead and connect it, so I’m just trying to follow the character as much as possible for this shape right here and there, so it looks like a rock.

After that, say about this much, we can start to draw the spacesuit so let’s come up and round it off and bring it right there and then start to come down a little bit from this visor area. Okay, so now we can start to draw the spacesuit so let’s come up and round it off and bring it right there and then start to come down a little bit.

We’ll then bring this down and I’m going to give it a tiny curve; I’m not going to bring it down straight; I still want it to be a little bit roundish. So we’ll pop it back out right here and then we’ll just bring it down a little bit further.

And then I’m just going to go ahead and create a curve right in the middle of this region, and then I’m going to start drawing the legs right in the middle of this area.

Basically, I’m going to start connecting it right here and right now, and then on the other side, this one’s going to pop in a little bit and link itself to the other one.

In order to get to the backpack area, let’s say the visor is right here, I’m simply going to pop out this rounded off sort of rectangle form and just tuck it right back into the backpack region.


You’ll need four different coloured markers. Two different hues of red markers are used. Two different hues of blue markers are used. You are permitted to use pencils.

Now that you know how to colour it, let me show you how to do it. What really makes this drawing stand out is the shadowing on it, and of course, it’s all about being different colours in this game, so today I’m just going to colour this one red, and let’s get started with some basic crayola markers and coloured pencils to get you started on your coloring.

Now, using a red marker in a different shade, complete the picture.

In order to create a shadow on a piece of spacesuit glass, use a pencil.

Make a shadow on the spacesuit with a red pencil by drawing it in with the pencil.

Increasing the glare on the glass

In addition, use a black marker to sketch the outlines of the shapes.

So now that they’re all finished, I hope you found it simple to follow along with me as I drew and coloured this adorable character from Among Us.

You may colour it in a variety of ways while coloring it, but the important goal is to choose a darker version of whatever colour you pick for the shadow region and for this part right here, where the helmet is supposed to be. You’ve learned how to sketch among us now!



What does crewmate mean in Among Us?

The primary aim of a Crewmate is to perform all chores without being murdered by an Impostor, with the secondary goal of locating and ejecting all Impostors from the game world. Crewmates who have been slain or dismissed by An Impostor are transformed into ghosts…. All Crewmates (even ghosts) execute all of their assigned responsibilities in a timely manner.

What does sus mean in Among Us?

When influencers begin to participate in games, specific terms and jargon are brought to the forefront, as is frequently the case. And the term “sus” is likely the most closely linked with Among Us. As a word, Sus does not convey any particular significance in and of itself. It is nothing more than an acronym for the word “suspicious.”