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How to Eat in Minecraft


In Minecraft, one of the fundamental tasks is to eat so that you do not run out of life. In this guide, we will show you how to consume food and what considerations you need to take into account in order to recoup points on the hunger gauge and maintain your health.

In Minecraft, giving your character food to eat is a simple process. You have to be in survival mode in order to feed, which means that in addition to building, you will need to survive the dangers that are lurking outside. If you are playing in the creative or tranquil mode, there is no choice to eat because it is something that the nature of the game style itself does not admit. Because of this, you need not worry about obtaining food and eating it if you are playing in these modes.

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How to Eat in Minecraft

To begin, it is essential and makes perfect sense to have some food stored away in the warehouse. In the event that it is not there in the portion of the inventory that is currently displayed on the screen, we will have to take it from the overall stockpile. Tap the icon that looks like three dots.

How to Eat in Minecraft

Tap on any item of food located in the higher inventory, and then tap on a box that is located in the lower margin inventory.

How to Eat in Minecraft

This will ensure that players have access to food during the game.

How to Eat in Minecraft

Now, return to the game you were previously playing and, from the slots in your inventory, select the meal you want the character to consume by tapping on it.

If you move your hand by tapping on the right side of the screen and maintain pressure there, the character will start to eat bites of the food, and the hunger bar that is located in the upper right corner will fill up with chicken legs.

How to Eat in Minecraft

These are the essential procedures for eating, but bear in mind:

  • When the hunger bar isn’t full, you can eat. If your food symbols are full, you can’t eat (except for fruit, golden apples, and milk).
  • Hunger bar consumption relies on the saturation bar. The hunger bar doesn’t drop until the saturation bar is empty. Running reduces saturation. Foods that increase satiety delay hunger. If the hunger bar is nearing full, you want high-satiety, low-hunger items (cooked pork chops, steaks, cooked lamb, golden carrots or golden apples).
  • Food is required to eat. There are several food sources. You can kill animals for their flesh (cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, bunnies), fish them (fish, salmon, clown-fish), or farm and collect fruits (potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, melons). If you prepare meat and fish in an oven, the hunger bar benefits are 3 times bigger and the saturation bar benefits are up to 5 times greater. You can eat raw meat, but be careful with raw chicken (30% chance of poisoning) and other unsafe items.
  • By combining ingredients, you can make bread, cakes, cookies, and more. They don’t add much to the saturation bar but help with hunger. Combining golden carrots and apples with gold nuggets increases their benefits.
    Some foods are poisonous or can be if not cooked properly. Raw chicken has a 30% chance of getting you sick, rotten 80%. 100% sickening: blowfish and spider eyes. Milk can mitigate the consequences of unhealthy foods.


Why can’t I eat in Minecraft?

If you are not currently hungry, the game will not allow you to consume food. The hunger metre is not visible when you are playing in creative mode; nevertheless, the value of your actual hunger is still present, and the game will not allow you to consume food if it is greater than the maximum value.

What do the F keys do in Minecraft?

The game can be paused without accessing the pause menu by holding down the F3 button and pressing Esc simultaneously. While holding down the F3 button, pressing F4 will bring up the menu to select game modes. When you press L while holding down the F3 button, a ten-second recording will commence. This recording will take notes on things like the tick durations and the utilised heap sizes.

Why can’t I eat in Minecraft bedrock?

If the Player’s Hunger bar is at its maximum, they will be unable to consume food. Golden Apples, Enchanted Apples, and Chorus Fruit are the only types of apples that can be consumed even when the Hunger bar is completely filled.

How do you eat cake in Minecraft?

Consuming cake in bedrock is functionally identical to consuming cake in java. To consume the cake, you just only position it and then right-click on it. You are unable to consume the cake directly from your Hotbar in either of the two variations.

Can you eat gold?

Gold is a noble metal, and as such, it does not react when it is brought into contact with human bodies. This ensures that it is not absorbed by the body while it is being digested, making it suitable for consumption. Nevertheless, there are no positive dietary or health effects connected with the consumption of this product.