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How to Enable or Turn On Automatic Updates on Android


You should definitely keep your Android phone updated, but if you want to have complete control over your smartphone, you should probably turn off the automatic updates on your Android phone. This is especially important to keep in mind if you have an older phone model and are unsure whether or not it is capable of running the most recent version of its operating system without experiencing lagging or other performance issues. Or, if you just want to wait a few days after the release to ensure that the most recent update will not negatively impact the operation of your smartphone, this is an option. This article will walk you through the process of activating automatic updates on an Android device. So let’s get started:

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How to Enable or Turn On Automatic Updates on Android

If you decide that you no longer want to disable automatic updates but instead wish to enable them, the following instructions will show you how to do so on an Android device.

1. Open Settings.

2. Choose to Update Your Software.

How to Enable or Turn On Automatic Updates on Android

3. Choose the gear cog to use.

How to Enable or Turn On Automatic Updates on Android

4. After that, choose either the Auto download or the Auto download and install option.

How to Enable or Turn On Automatic Updates on Android

5. At this moment, you have the option of selecting Wi-Fi or mobile data, Wi-Fi only, or just Mobile data from the list of available choices, based on the type of data connection that you find to be most convenient.

6. Your mobile device’s operating system will now automatically download any available updates once you’ve done this.


Does Android update automatically?

Get the latest safety updates and system updates for Google Play.

The vast majority of system updates and patches for vulnerabilities are applied automatically. To determine whether or not an update is now available: Launch the app for configuring your device’s settings. Check on the Security.

Why apps are not updating automatically in Android?

Auto-update applications

Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device, and then select “Profile” from the menu that appears at the top. Navigate to the settings menu, and then open the option labeled Network preferences. Make sure ‘Auto Update Apps’ is selected. To update apps over other networks, tap the option Over any network rather than Over WiFi only.

Do apps automatically update?

When all of the following conditions are met, the program will, as a matter of course, update itself automatically: The gadget has a Wi-Fi network connection established with it. The gadget is now being charged. The apparatus is now inactive (not being utilized in any way).

Why is my phone not updating?

The strength of your internet connection is insufficient.

However, if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong enough, the updates you download may not install correctly, or they may take an excessive amount of time to finish. Stop the update installation on your Android device and try again at a later time when your Wi-Fi connection will be more steady if the update isn’t working.

Should you turn on automatic app updates?

It is recommended that you keep auto-updates turned on so that you can receive a timely security fix in the event that a vulnerability is detected in an app that you are using; nevertheless, the decision as to whether or not you should enable or disable auto-updates is ultimately a matter of personal taste.

Is Android 13 faster than Android 12?

Even though there isn’t a huge amount of difference between Android 12 and Android 13, you may anticipate a significant improvement in your phone’s use, speed, and performance after upgrading to Android 13.