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How to Equip Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, Xbox)


Flying brooms are available for usage in Hogwarts Legacy, and players can take advantage of this feature. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you have probably fantasized of riding the Nimbus 2000 or another type of broom at least once. Yet, despite the fact that a few of players have unlocked the broomstick, many are unsure whether it should be equipped or summoned. It is not nearly as difficult as it appears in the movies to outfit and call forth your flying broom. In the Hogwarts Legacy video game for consoles, this page will walk you through the process of equipping your broom. So let’s get started:

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How to Equip Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, Xbox)

Make sure that you have a Broom that you have purchased from Hogwarts Legacy in order to be able to call and equip the broom. Albie Weekes, who works at Sprintiches Sports Needs in Hogsmeade Valley, is the one who will sell you the flying broom if you go there. But, in order to do it, you will need to finish the Flying Class objective. There is no need for concern regarding your failure to complete this quest because it is the story quest for the campaign.

How to Equip Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, Xbox)

You will be able to summon or equip the broom once you have purchased it by pressing the appropriate buttons or keybindings on any of the compatible platforms you use. But before you do that, access your Tool Wheel menu by pressing and holding the Tab button, the LB button, or the LT button. On all of the supported platforms, the following are the controls that can be used to call forth or equip the Broom:

  • Windows PC:  To equip or summon the Broom, concurrently press the Tab key as well as the other three keybuttons.
  • Xbox Series X | S:  To call forth the broom, simultaneously press the LB and B buttons on your controller.
  • PS5: To equip the broom, simultaneously press the L1 and Circle buttons on your controller.

Use Speed Boost on Your Broom:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have the ability to accelerate your movement with a speed boost whenever you are in the air on your broom. But, you should be aware that your flight metre will steadily diminish as time goes on. In order to increase the speed of your Broom on your personal computer, PlayStation 5, or Xbox console, follow these steps:

  • Windows PC: To gain a speed boost for your broom, click the left button of your mouse.
  • Xbox Series X | S: To use the LT button, you must press it on your controller.
  • PS5: To access the L2 menu on your controller, press the L2 button.

It is recommended that you upgrade your broom if you want the flight metre to go up significantly after using it. You can improve your Broomstick by competing in the Broom Time trials that are located all throughout the open world. There is, however, an additional method that you can use to avoid depleting your flying metre. In order to accomplish it, you will need to keep a low altitude and avoid employing any kind of speed boost.


Why can t I use my broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

You will first need to perfect your flying skills in order to make use of your broom. The ability to use a broom will become available to you once you have finished the primary quest known as Flying Class. But after that, you’ll have to go out and purchase one.

Can you be a girl in Hogwarts Legacy?

The character generator in the game gives players the ability to create a character with the characteristics of either gender, and the cast of characters in the game is extremely diverse. According to a statement that can be seen on the official website for the game, Rowling did not contribute anything to “Hogwarts Legacy.”

Can you pick your own wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will begin the game with a wand that was passed down to you from a family member, but you will quickly make your way to Ollivanders to find the wand that best suits your needs. You have the option of keeping the wand that was selected for you, or you can change the style, wood, flexibility, length, and core of your wand.

Can you get married in Hogwarts?

The Wizarding World has a strict policy against holding weddings, so the couple had to sneak around in order to get married there (having a wedding while not booking the public venue). They met in the alley behind The Three Broomsticks to have a very short, very intimate ceremony that consisted of a handfasting and personal vows. This allowed them to get the job done covertly.

Do they shower at Hogwarts?

The books are very specific in this regard, which is why it’s so hard to wrap one’s head around the fact that not a single figure in the Harry Potter universe ever uses a bathroom or takes a shower. Not even the ones who are in their teenage years. There are restrooms at Hogwarts that are equipped with toilets.