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How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku


Warner Media is the provider of the streaming service known as HBO Max. It is possible to stream both current and previously aired episodes of popular television series, as well as movies, sports, and documentaries, among other things. The HBO Max application may be downloaded and installed on any streaming device, including Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), OS X and Windows computers, as well as Apple TV and Android TV. There is no specific limit on how many devices you can add and sign in under your membership plan ($14.99/month), therefore you can also add and share your HBO Max account with your family or friends. This is possible because there is no limit on how many devices you can add and sign in.

Because it is a service that is provided on a subscription basis, consumers have the ability to terminate their subscription at any time. You can also remotely delete your account from another device by logging out of that device and following the instructions given above. Let’s take a look at the process of logging off of HBO Max on Roku.

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How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku

1. Launch Roku, then check the current condition of your internet connection.

2. Select the Search option from the drop-down menu that displays on the screen of the remote control while holding down the home button.

How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku

3. Locate the HBO Max app on your device, and then open it.

4. Choose one of your profiles, then hang tight until the associated account is entirely loaded before moving on.

How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku

5. Choose the Browse option, which is located in the top left corner of the screen, to go through your own file collection.

How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku

6. Followed by pressing the OK button on your Roku remote, you need first make a mark in the circle that is associated with your profile.

7. Simply select My Profile from the drop-down menu, and then scroll all the way to the right until you see the Sign Out option.

8. Select the option to Sign Out, and once you’ve done so, press the OK button on your remote control.

How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku


How do I switch accounts on HBO Max TV?

Launch HBO Max on your mobile device or tablet, and then select your profile from the menu that appears (upper right). To switch profiles, tap the Switch Profile button, then tap Manage Profiles (you may need to scroll down). Pick one of the profiles. Profile of the child: Tap the Enter button after entering your PIN.

Can you have multiple HBO Max accounts?

Your account can store up to five different profiles, one for each member of your immediate family or home, whether they are children or adults. You can keep track of what you’ve viewed (Continue Watching) and what you’d like to watch with the assistance of profiles (My List). Please read the Add profiles page for further information. There is a large selection of children’s programming and films available on HBO Max.

How many devices can use HBO Max?

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With HBO Max, you may simultaneously stream on as many as three different devices. The maximum number of profiles that can be stored in an HBO Max account is five, which can include both adult and child profiles. Through your HBO Max profile, you have the ability to sign out of other devices remotely.

Does HBO Max tell you when someone logs in?

On both of these platforms, you will be presented with a list of the devices that have been used to access your HBO Max account. This notifies you of the sort of device that was used, such as a smart TV, mobile app, or browser, allowing you to determine whether or not your account is being accessed by a device that you are not familiar with.