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How to Find and Unlock All New Sonic in Find the Sonic Morphs? (Updated)


If you love playing Find The Sonic Morphs then don’t take the risk of missing this post. We will guide you about the all sonic locations in Roblox Find The Sonic Morph. By consulting this guide your chances of winning every level of this game will become higher. So Let’s get started.

How to Find Piggy Sonic 

The first sonic we will be hunting is the piggy sonic. It is not complicated to find at all. You just have to jump up and down a bit and the sonic will pop out of nowhere.

How to Find Red Sonic 

The red sonic is located in the hidden areas of the virtual world of this game. You will have to move around quite a lot of places to spot this one. The players might also have to clean up the dirt and debris to find out the red sonic.

Where to Find Demon Sonic 

To find the demon sonic you will have to teleport back to the island. You will have to go ahead inside the planet to locate the devil sonic.

Where to Find Shadow sonic 

Show sonic may be hard to locate as it is trapped in the chains. You will have to walk ahead a bit to find the sonic and release it from the traps.

Where to Find Alien sonic

For alien sonic, you will have to quickly teleport back to the island area. You will have to speed up to find the sonic as he might be roaming around the island. It is transparent and you might have to explore the island a little bit to spot this sonic. The players might also be required to teleport to the highest heights to claim this sonic.

Where to Find Super sonic 

The next one we have on the list is the Supersonic. You will have to go ahead and then jump back again to come to the top. The sonic is located in the air and is hidden somewhere between the clouds.

Where to Find Sun sonic

The moment you find Super Sonic you will automatically be able to spot the Sun sonic. As the name suggests this sonic is hidden within the sun.

Where to Find Golden sonic 

Golden sonic can be spotted easily as it is designed with unique and sparkling crystals. It is simple to locate as it shines brightly all over the place.

Where to Find Spider Sonic 

Spider sonic will be located as you keep wondering around the mid-island. You will spot some beautiful palm trees on the island and this is where the spider sonic will be found.

Where to Find Moon Sonic

Moon sonic is located up in the sky but you will have to wait for the sun to go down. The moment the sun is down the moon sonic starts to appear in the sky. It is shiny and bright and will lighten up your virtual world with its beauty.

Where to Find Frozen sonic 

The frozen sonic can be a hard sonic morph to crack as it is frozen and lost somewhere on the island. You will have to dig inside the snow and bring the frozen sonic out of the stacked snow all over the island.

Where to Find Hakka Sonic

You will need to double jump and move a little faster towards the street. This is where you are going to meet Hakka sonic. It is simple as you just have to claim it. Next, you will have to teleport to the island place.

Get the black hole by just jumping up and down. As you keep moving you can claim another superhero game. There is a small island here and at some distance, you are going to have another two sons. Right there claim both as one is the police while the other is the thief.

Where to Find Cussy Fun and Ubu Sonic

When you teleport into a new area altogether you are going to get Cussy fun sonic. The twin head sonic will be over there. Some other animations may appear on your screen at this point.  Just go ahead and get the Ubu sonic over. You have the option to morph it into a regular sonic. Let’s just move a little faster and enhance your energy a little.

Where to Find Mafia and Bacon Sonic

Keep jumping over and next up will be the mafia sonic. Even bacon sonic will be right by the other side. Let’s just quickly teleport to the spawn.

Where to Find Baby Sonic

You need to follow up to a tree and catch up with the baby sonic right now. It is nice and simple even though the platform is very tricky. Keep going back towards the spawn and follow up to find the next sonic.

Where to Find Golden Sonic

If you see a tree, keep climbing up and then down a little. This is where the golden sonic resides. You don’t need to work any harder and claim this sonic right away. Make sure you don’t fall off the tree as it can be dangerous.

Whether it is the left, right, or center you just need to move ahead. If you cannot manage to go up, try harder and get up. However, sometimes the collisions can make your game a lot more interesting than before.

Where to Find Sun Sonic and Water Sonic

Now is the time to teleport once more and go to the island to claim another sonic. It is called the sun sonic which is nice, simple, and kind. Keep moving to the other side and find the water sonic behind the island area. Just climb over there and move ahead before teleporting to a new area.

Where to Find Silver and Electro Sonic

The island place is full of sonic and if you are looking for the silver sonic, this place has it all. Jump on and off to simply grab this sonic and achieve something. Players cannot mess up anything here as the electro sonic will be up next to claim. You need to teleport and jump to find the next sonic in the lineup.

Where to Find Demon Sonic

To get the demon sonic you will have to one teleport to the heights area. The players will have to find courage to jump across here and there. Make sure to stay careful as demon sonic will be up somewhere. Go up there and reach the tree to spot the demon sonic.

Where to Find Hulk Sonic

Hulk sonic will be spotted in the area where the golden super golden sonic was found. You will have to come to the top and get on to the leafs.

Where to Find Rainbow Sonic

Rainbow sonic will be found in the sky so you will have to jump over the trees to reach the sky. Jump on top of the tree and stay consistent to catch the rainbow sonic.

Wrap Up

Finding the Sonic is not as easy as you think. You need to follow our tips and tricks to find them in the game. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you are missing out on a lot of fun!