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How to Find Archived Messages in Facebook on Mobile


Looking for a way to access old messages on Facebook? Whether you’re looking for something from a while back or just need to check in on an old conversation, we’ll show you how to find archived messages on Facebook using the mobile app. It’s actually pretty easy to do and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

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How to Find Archived Messages in Facebook on Mobile

If you want to access archived talks from your own Facebook account, you can do so by downloading the Facebook Messenger app to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or your Android device (smartphone).

To get started, you need to launch the mobile version of Facebook Messenger on your device. To access your profile within the app, navigate to the upper-left corner of the screen and tap the symbol that appears there.

How to Find Archived Messages in Facebook on Mobile

On the “Me” page, scroll down until you reach the “Archived Chats” button, and then tap it.

How to Find Archived Messages in Facebook on Mobile

You will be taken to a page that is titled “Archived Chats,” and it will have a list of all of the conversations that you have previously archived. A chat can be opened by doing nothing more than touching on it.

How to Find Archived Messages in Facebook on Mobile

Tap, and then within the conversation you want to unarchive, send a new message to the other participants. There is one more step involved in the process, and that is looking at archival versions of your Facebook communications.


Why can’t I find my archived messages on Facebook?

Choose the gear icon located in the upper-left hand corner of the Messenger window to access the Settings. Select Hidden Chats. The left pane contains all of the communications that have been archived. Sending a new message to the recipient is the only way to unarchive a communication on Facebook.

Where can I find archive stories?

App for both the Android and the iPhone titled Instagram

To access your profile, tap either your name or the picture of your profile that is located in the bottom right corner. Tap the rightmost icon, then select Your activity from the menu that appears. Play the Archive. After tapping Posts/Stories Archive at the top, select either Stories Archive, Posts Archive, or Live Archive from the drop-down menu.

Why have my archived stories disappeared?

The most recent upgrade to Instagram is the reason for the modification of the archive area. Users of Instagram now have the ability to mass delete or archive their Stories, posts, reels, and IGTV episodes. You also have the option to do the same with comments, likes, and reactions to stories.

When you archive in Messenger where does it go?

When you archive a discussion in Messenger, it disappears from your inbox and remains hidden until the next time you talk to that particular person. When you delete a discussion, the message history associated with that chat is removed forever from your inbox.

Why won’t my archived stories load?

Update or reinstall Instagram

It is also doubtful that an old version of the programme is the cause of the Stories not loading, but it is still something you should investigate. You can attempt to update the app by going to the Play Store or the Apple Store. If this does not work, you always have the option to uninstall the software and then reinstall it.

Does Facebook have an archive?

You’ll be able to access all of the posts you’ve made on Facebook’s social network, as well as archive or delete those posts so that other users will no longer be able to see them. This feature is part of Facebook’s new Manage Activity tool. When you choose to archive a post, it will be moved to a distinct “Archive” part of the Activity Log that you keep on Facebook.