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How to Find Lapis in Minecraft Legends


The narrative of Minecraft Legends follows an intrepid traveller as they attempt to cleanse the planet of a dreadful evil. The Overworld has been taken over by Piglins, putting everyone who lives there in grave danger. Piglins have a voracious appetite. The good news is that many strategies are available to combat these foes; however, many tactics can only be utilized if the player has amassed the necessary resources. Minecraft Legends players can assemble various helpful resources and commodities while playing the game. While each resource has unique applications, Lapis is arguably the most valuable material you can acquire throughout the game. This post will teach you how to find lapis in Minecraft Legends by providing the following information:

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How to Find Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Piglins that are free to roam the Overworld can frequently be found while players are adventuring. These Piglins are the quickest way for players to acquire Lapis. Lapis is dropped by Piglins that are defeated, but players have a limited amount of time to collect it before it disappears forever after a brief period. In Minecraft Legends, going out into the environment and harvesting lapis from wandering Piglins might almost be considered a side mission for players attempting to collect other vital resources like Redstone.

How to Find Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Chests are another type of item that can randomly appear in any biome, and players have a chance of finding them among other resources and treasures. There is a possibility that these containers will include some lapis, typically somewhere between 30 and 40 individual pieces at any particular moment. Since players are certain to obtain beneficial loot as a reward no matter what, they are strongly encouraged to conduct frequent exploration in order to locate sufficient amounts of lapis lazuli through these Chests.

Collect The Most Lapis

The opening of Village Chests that have been left behind following an attack by Piglins is yet another option for harvesting even more Lapis. Players are rewarded with a Chest that is located adjacent to a big Tower when they save a hamlet from Piglins. This Chest contains items that reflect the player’s heroic actions in saving the villagers. These Chests are refilled throughout time and carry approximately 150 Lapis. Players can return to these Chests if they are having trouble finding any hostile Piglins to kill out in the open world.

How to Find Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Piglin assaults on the player’s main bases in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft Legends are an excellent way to farm Lapis owing to the greater number of opponents that are encountered during these encounters. However, this choice should only really matter when players are prepared to fight because big swarms of Piglins could pose a substantial hazard in enormous numbers. Players should only consider using this option when they are prepared to fight. Players can better prepare themselves for these types of attacks in Minecraft Legends by becoming familiar with the locations of additional Lapis deposits. This resource is used to power spawners that are generated to form a defending army.


Do any villagers sell lapis?

It is currently a renewable resource because cleric villagers sell one to two lapis lazuli in exchange for one emerald. The use of lapis lazuli in the dying process of banners is now possible. The amount of lapis lazuli that may be found in mineshaft chests on average has been reduced.

Can you get lapis without mining?

If you aren’t in the mood to mine, you can exchange lapis lazuli for emeralds with clerics, and traveling traders also carry some emeralds in stock. The mineral can also be found in chests that have been left behind in desert village temples, shipwrecks, and abandoned mineshafts.

What mobs scare villagers?

Within eight blocks, villagers will run away from zombies, zombie villagers, husks, drowned, zombified piglins (available exclusively in the Bedrock Edition), zoglins, vindicators, pillagers (even if their crossbow is broken), ravagers, and vexes. Within twelve blocks, they will run away from evokers and illusioners.

Does lapis have a gem weapon?

The majority of gems have the ability to call forth a personal weapon from within their gem. There are, however, some notable exceptions to this rule. For example, Lapis Lazuli’s weapon is not a physical object like Pearl’s spear but rather her hydrokinetic abilities, more especially her wings.

Can you enchant with lapis?

Players will require enchantment levels (or experience levels) as well as lapis lazuli in order to use an enchanting table to perform an enchantment on an item. When it comes to bewitching with a table, lapis is of the utmost importance. Enchanting is not possible for players if they do not have it.