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How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring


Because they allow players to adjust the statistics of their characters, Larval Tears are extremely significant key items in Elden Ring. This is because players may use them to rebalance their characters’ stats. In spite of the fact that they are not among the most common products in the game, players still have the possibility to collect more than a dozen distinct types of Larval Tears. This guide will provide specific information regarding the locations of Larval Tears in their entirety and where they may be found. Now, in order to accomplish that, here is the procedure:

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How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring


How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

From the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace, travel in an easterly direction. An undead foe armed with a sword can be found perched on the edge of a cliff; after it is killed, the adversary will reanimate as a bear. Killing the bear in Elden Ring will earn you a Larval Tear as a reward.

Liurnia (South)

How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

  • If you travelled in the southwest direction, you will have arrived to Elden Ring’s Village of the Albinaurics by the time you get close to the Folly on the Lake Site of Grace in southwest Limgrave. It is possible to find the Larval Tear within the graveyard of this town, therefore you should check there first before looking anywhere else.
  • It is necessary to move northward from the Folly on the Lake Site of Grace in order to eliminate the danger posed by the lobster. As a direct consequence of this action, it will morph into a Scion, and its demise will lead to the creation of a further Larval Tear.

Liurnia (North)

How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

  • After you have defeated Royal Knight Loretta at the Caria Manor area of the Elden Ring, proceed through the graveyard and pass by the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace. Larval Tears can be earned by interacting with the ghost that is sitting in the chair.
  • You can find a scarab along the eastern cliff of Caria Manor if you start your search from the site of the Three Witches, which is above Caria Manor and to the northwest. You can descend further by using the wooden platforms on the west side of the Manor after dropping from this vantage point onto the roof of one of the Manor’s buildings. To obtain the ability to acquire a Larval Tear, first ascend the ladder that leads down through a hole in a roof, and then chat with the NPC that can be found inside the structure for a total of two times.


How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

Take away the foes guarding this graveyard in the southwest corner of Caelid. One will undergo a transformation into a behemoth that, when killed, will reward the player with a Larval Tear.

Altus Plateau

How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

In the ruins to the east of the Altus Plateau Minor Erdtree, there is likely a hostile undead creature lurking in one of the corners. This adversary will undergo a transformation that causes it to become a Lion Guardian and drop a Larval Tear.

Siofra River

How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

After navigating the well to the east of Mistwood’s Minor Erdtree to reach the Siofra River, ride in a northeasterly direction until you reach a lift. At the top of the lift, continue in an easterly direction to reach some wooden scaffolding close to a waterfall. Climb the wooden scaffolding and continue along the walkway below the waterfall until you reach a shopkeeper who is selling larval tears.

Nokron, Eternal City

How to Find Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

  • Fans should proceed east into the courtyard of the Nokron, Eternal City Site of Grace, which can be accessible during Ranni’s questline in the Elden Ring, in order to locate a Larval Tear. This can be done by entering the building on the right side of the courtyard.
  • In the region to the west of the boss encounter with the Mimic Tear, there is a gazebo, and the dead body that lies underneath it is guarding a Larval Tear.
  • After defeating the Mimic Tear boss, the player receives two Larval Tears as a reward.
  • From the Site of Grace at Night’s Sacred Ground in Elden Ring, head north and then take the stairs that are located on the right side of the room. These stairs will take you inside a massive building, and if you destroy the iron ball that is located within it, you will receive a Larval Tear.

Nokstella, Eternal City

The Larval Tear can be obtained by destroying the iron ball on the bridge close to the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella Site of Grace while Elden Ring players are working through Ranni’s quest. This is another area that Elden Ring players can reach while working through Ranni’s mission.