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How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite


Fortnite has a wealth of options that can be utilised to improve one’s overall experience while playing the game. The “Visualize Sound Effects” option is one of these choices, and it displays a prompt on the screen that directs you toward loot, gunshots, and even other players. If you make full use of this option and all of its features, you can have an advantage over other players when competing in matches. This is the procedure to follow in order to activate the visual sound effects.

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How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

In the game Fortnite, the option to Visualize Sound Effects has its setting disabled by default. This is to prevent players from accidentally activating the feature. This is done so that gamers won’t be able to inadvertently activate the function. The following procedures need to be carried out in order to make use of the visual and audio effects that are available in Fortnite:

  • At this point, you should focus your attention on the Sidebar that is located on your Main Menu.
  • To access the Menu option, you will need to scroll down the list of available choices until you reach it. It is going to be at the very bottom of the list.
  • You can make your choice by heading to the Menu and picking the Settings option from the list of available options.

How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

  • Keep navigating through the tabs that are now being displayed until you find the one that is labelled “Audio,” and then click on that one.
  • Keep scrolling down until you reach the Sound options, and when you do, select the option that says Visualize Sound Effects from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Check to see sure the “Visualize Sound Effects” option is toggled to the “On” position rather than the “Off” position.

How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

If you have visual sound effects turned on, the next time you launch a game, you should be able to see the visualisation prompts for things like loot, people, animals, and shooting. These prompts will appear if you have visual sound effects turned on. If you have the visual sound effects option activated, you will see these questions appear. This should always be the case, regardless of whether or not you have the option to display visual sound effects activated.

How Visual Sound Effects Work in Fortnite

The visual sound effects in Fortnite act as visual prompts for the different sounds that players may come across while playing the game. These sounds may include gunshots, explosions, footsteps, and more. It will look like a wheel that is surrounding your reticle, and it will point you in the direction of the spot from which the sound is coming.

These in-game visual prompts can display anything in conjunction with an in-game aural cue, and they are displayed in the game. While you are playing, the following are some examples of visual signals that will give you an advantage:

  • The humming sound of chests being opened and closed nearby.
  • The noises made by creatures that are found in the immediate area.
  • The footsteps of players who were relatively close to where I was standing.
  • Sounds of gunfire have been reported in the vicinity.

How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

Your reticle will encircle you with a visual representation of each possible sound, and this will correspond to what you hear. These illustrations will point you in the direction of any sounds that may be in close proximity to you.

Why Using Visual Sound Effects Will Give You an Unrivaled Competitive Edge

You will have a significant edge over players who do not make use of this feature if you choose to be notified about the location of adjacent chests and players. This is due to the nature of how visual sound effects are implemented.

When there are on-screen suggestions for all nearby chests at your location, it makes the process of searching through an area and urgently wanting to find a chest a lot more accessible. In a similar manner, the footstep prompt will identify any prospective foes in the vicinity, which has the possibility of preventing you from going down or possibly highlighting your next elimination. Because Fortnite is a battle royale game, having quicker reflexes might potentially save your entire match and secure you a Victory Royale instead of having you get removed entirely. This is the most significant aspect of the game.

How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

Not only does the visualisation of sound effects provide you an advantage in the game, but it also helps players who have trouble hearing to compete on an equal footing. This enables users to have a better experience with the game by displaying on-screen elements that would otherwise only be audible to players. However, despite the fact that visual sound effects have the potential to advance your game in Fortnite.