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How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring


It is possible to get the Sewer-Gaol Key in Elden Ring by having a conversation with the Dung Eater. This is an item of loot. You will receive this as a gift from him after you have successfully obtained one Seedbed Curse. It is necessary to have the Sewer-Gaol Key in order to gain access to the actual body of the Dung Eater, which is held captive in a cell within the Sewer-Gaol. This guide will explain how to locate the Dung Eater’s Cell in the Elden ring and take you there step by step. So let’s get started:

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How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring

The Subterranean Shunning Grounds are the location of the cell that belongs to the Dung Eater. You may reach this section of Leyndell by going down a well that is west of the Avenue Balcony. It is a separate region within Leyndell.

After arriving at the Site of Grace on the Avenue Balcony, descend the flight of stairs, and then enter the building through the door. When you first enter the open courtyard, immediately turn to the left and gaze over the railings to locate a set of rooftops. Take a step down here, then walk in a northwesterly direction. Continue moving forward until you find the well.

How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring

After it has been located, descend the ladder that is in it. If you continue forward from this location, you will eventually reach the Underground Shunning Grounds. Keep moving forward until you reach the corridor where a number of Omen foes are waiting for you. This location has the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, which may be found in a room that is available to the public.

If you’ve progressed far enough in the game to have already vanquished Maliketh the Black Blade in Crumbling Farum Azula, you’ll be able to access the Subterranean Shunning Grounds through a gigantic open manhole in Leyndell. This passage leads directly to the area.

How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring

It is time to make your way to the sewer gaol that houses the Dung Eater now that you have entered the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Begin your exploration at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. Leave the chamber and turn left when you’ve done so. Continue moving forward until you come to an area on the ground where there is no grate leading down to a lower sewer.

How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring

Turn to the northwest from here and continue along this path. There are a couple of rats in this sewer, which you can choose to ignore or fight. Handle them in the manner that you deem appropriate. You need to continue moving forward until you encounter a few poison blossoms and a few huge Miranda Sprouts. One more time, you are free to handle them as you see fit.

At the conclusion of this trail, you will come across a ladder that you can ascend. After reaching the summit, continue onward and take a right turn. After that, you’ll see a cell that’s shut up at the far end of the room. This is the cell that can be accessed with the Sewer-Gaol Key. Inside, you’ll find the Dung Eater waiting for you.

How to Find the Dung Eater’s Cell in Elden Ring

Be very careful when you approach the cell, since there is a Spider Hand hiding here beneath the two things in the centre of the room, and it will emerge from the ground if you go too close.


Where can I find loathsome Dung Eater?

Location of the Dung Eater within the Sewer Gaol

Visit the Site of Grace on the Balcony while you’re in the capital. You need to do a U-turn and head down the stairs, then take a left and jump over the balcony. Enter the sewer through the manhole. You will need to go back inside the tunnel, turn left, and continue running forward until you get to a grate.

Is the Dung Eater summon worth it?

Because it can take a beating without going down, the Dung Eater Puppet is an excellent choice when it comes to tanking against bosses. This is because the Dung Eater Puppet is a Summon. It does not do the greatest damage, but it possesses a diverse array of attacks, such as a one-of-a-kind scream that is effective at a distance and can create blood buildup.

What is the strongest summon in Elden Ring?

the Tear of the Mimic
There is a general agreement among players of Elden Ring that the Mimic Tear is the most potent summon in the game. This is the one point on which players can agree. To put it another way, the Mimic Tear makes a carbon clone of your character, including all of their spells, skills, and equipment. This includes their moveset, as well as their equipment and equipment sets.

What class is easiest Elden Ring?

The Vagabond is often considered to be among the most beneficial Elden Ring classes for newcomers. Melee builds are generally simple to learn without requiring players to become familiar with a large number of the game’s systems. Because of this, melee builds are fantastic options for players who are not accustomed to the gameplay that FromSoftware provides.