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How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring


The Incantation in Elden Ring known as Lightning Spear is one of those spells. After successfully casting the spell, the tarnished will conjure a bolt of lightning in their hands, which it will then hurl at its foes, dealing damage in the form of lightning. Finding the Lightning Spear can be challenging, particularly amid the expansive grounds of Elden Ring, where it is thought to be hidden. Players can use this guide to learn everything there is to know about this spell, including everything there is to know about it. So let’s get started:

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How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

Incantations are used to cast spells in Elden Ring, such as the Lightning Spear spell. The Golden Cult Prayerbook provides the user with three different options to choose from, and the spell is one of those options. In order for players to acquire the Prayerbook, they must first defeat a golden knight to the east of Liurnia who is known as the Gold Dragon Cult Knight. Players can find the Gold Dragon Cult Knight. After that, players are obligated to hand over the book to any Incantation vendor. Once they have the spells in their possession, the next step is for them to sell them to the tarnished.

Find And Beat The Gold Dragon Cult Knight

The Gold Dragon Cult Knight can be found east of Liurnia in a green area that is in between the Carian Study Hall and the Artists Shack. This area is in between the Carian Study Hall and the Artists Shack. The Site of Lost Grace is located close to the Artists Shack, and it is from this location that players will have the best opportunity to find the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

If the tarnished are not of a high enough level, the Gold Dragon Cult Knight in Elden Ring has a variety of devastating attacks that have the potential to kill them in a single blow. Players should sneak up behind the Knight and backstab him while attempting to be as patient as they can in order to land their blows. As for his strikes, they are sluggish and easy to avoid, but once they land, they deal significant damage. Players will get the Golden Cult Prayerbook as a prize for overcoming the challenge posed by the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

What To Do With The Golden Cult Prayerbook

How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

The Golden Cult Prayerbook, much like any other Prayerbook, can be given to an Incantation merchant like Brother Corhyn, and they will sell the newly learnt incantations to tainted customers. There are three Incantations that deal lightning damage that may be found in the Prayerbook of the Gold Cult. The Honed Bolt, Electrify Armament, and Lightning Spear are the three spells that are available.

Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

The spell “Lightning Spear” is very effective in Elden Ring. It is possible for it to inflict massive damage if it is utilised in the appropriate circumstances and on the appropriate foes. In order for players to be able to cast the spell, they need to have 17 Faith. In addition to that, it has a respectable range and can be fired off of Torrent even while riding on its back. In addition, players have the option to charge the Lightning Spear in order to increase the amount of lightning damage they deal.

How To Get The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

The damage done by Lightning Spear is directly proportional to the amount of faith the user possesses; so, the more faith tarnished have, the more damage the spear will deliver. The Lightning Spear that can be found in Elden Ring is, all things considered, a respectable asset to have in any Faith-based build.


Is lightning spear good Elden Ring?

The Lightning Spear, Carried by Elden Ring Fortissax, Serves as a Guide

The amount of damage done decreases considerably with increasing distance. Absolutely useless for clearing a room or dealing with several foes at once. Notes: The cost of using FP has been decreased from 45 to 35 as of Patch 1.07, and the amount of stamina damage dealt to protecting foes has been raised.

What is the number 1 weapon in Elden Ring?

It is without a doubt one of the toughest challenges in the game to get the Dark Moon Greatsword, which is widely considered to be the most awesome and powerful of all the weapons in Elden Ring.

Are there guns in Elden Ring?

There is now a mod available to fix the issue for anyone who wished Elden Ring had access to firearms. The brand new mod from Garden of Eyes incorporates gun parrying into the game. This addition was motivated by the similar gameplay mechanic found in Bloodborne. Crafting the Soldier’s Pistol and Tarnished Bullets, which can be used to defend against attacks from hostile players, becomes possible thanks to the mod.