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How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10


When using Windows 10, you are free to install applications in any location you like. In most cases, they will advise putting Windows onto the C drive because this is the location where Windows is installed by default. There are a few notable exceptions, but in most circumstances, you can install an app on a device other than your phone. Steam is the same as any other programme in that regard; you have the option of installing it on the C drive or on any other drive you choose. Having said that, there are a few various strategies you can implement in order to locate the Steam folder in the event that you are unable to locate it after installing Steam.

Check the root of each drive on your system before you go looking for the Steam folder elsewhere on your computer. It ought to be in that spot. If it isn’t, you can choose from the following alternatives.

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How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

Windows search

If you can’t seem to locate the Steam folder, the first thing you should attempt is the search function in Windows. Start Windows Search and type “Steam” into the search bar. There is a good chance that the Steam application will be the first result that appears; nonetheless, it is important to check through the other results and broaden the collection of files.

How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

It should bring up the Steam folder for you. If you click it, it will bring up the File Explorer window. It is possible to copy the path by looking at the location bar.

How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

Steam Library

If you already have a game installed on your computer, locating the Steam folder is rather simple. Launch Steam and navigate to your Library folder there. Select “Properties” from the context menu that appears after you right-click on a game.

How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

Click the Browse Local Files button that is located in the Properties box once you have navigated to the Local Files tab. When you launch File Explorer, the directory that contains the game’s local files will open. Simply by reading the path that is displayed in the location bar, you will be able to locate the folder that contains your Steam games.

How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

Install a game

Downloading a game allows you to locate the Steam folder even if the only thing you have is the Steam programme itself, even if you don’t have any games loaded. The game might be anything. You will be prompted to choose the directory in which the game is installed before the download of the game even begins. The Steam folder will be displayed in the dropdown menu labelled “select location” by default.

How to Find the Steam Folder on Windows 10

On Windows 10, you can locate the Steam folder by using any one of the three techniques described above. If you are experiencing issues with the Steam application, such as it being unable to run, and you have tried the previous two procedures without success, it is likely that the Steam application is either not installed on your computer or that it has become corrupted.


How do I access Steam files?

Find the directory that contains your Steam library.

After selecting the Steam Library Folders option from the drop-down menu, a window displaying all of your Steam library folders will appear. Simply launch File Explorer (on Windows), Finder (on Mac), or the file explorer that is native to your operating system, and then type the “Folder” path into the address bar. That is all that is required of you.

Where can I find my Steam folder?

Launch Steam, then navigate to Steam > Settings > Downloads, and then click the icon labelled “Steam Library Folders.” This will open a window with all of the folders that are currently in your Steam Library. Click the “+” button that is located near the top of the window, and then navigate to the directory where your games have been installed.

Where are Steam games stored Windows 10?

The default location for Steam applications on Windows 10 is “C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common.” The folder will have sub-folders for each of the games that have been installed. While the majority of the games will retain their full names, the titles of a few of them may be shortened.

Where is Steam data stored?

Any adjustments you make to the configuration of your Steam client are uploaded to the cloud and also saved locally in the folder located at: Steam\userdata\[steamID]\7\