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How to Find Your Hidden Score on Snapchat


The mobile application for Snapchat is jam-packed with intricacies and secret features. Because some people believe that this makes Snapchat difficult to use, we have compiled a tutorial to assist you in navigating the app. Your Snapchat score is a feature that might not be obvious at first glance when you use the app. This is the way to locate it.

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How to Find Your Hidden Score on Snapchat

The word “snapchat” will appear in the header of the page that displays all of the Snaps that you have received. To do so, press that.

How to Find Your Hidden Score on Snapchat

There are two numbers that come up. The first is a count of how many Snaps you’ve already sent. The second is the total number of Snaps that have been sent to you.

How to Find Your Hidden Score on Snapchat

According to Snapchat, your score is equal to the total amount of Snaps you’ve either sent or received. You will earn one point for each and every Snap that you send out, as well as one point for each and every Snap that you receive. Your Snapchat Stories do not contribute to your overall point total.

You can see your Snapchat score by navigating to your profile page, which you can reach by pressing on the white ghost that appears on the app’s home screen. This will take you to the page where you can view your score.

How to Find Your Hidden Score on Snapchat

But! My total number of sent and received Snaps is 5667 and 6581, and adding those two numbers together does not give you my Snapchat score. This system is really convoluted (12,652). Instead, you have a score of 12,248, which is inadequate. Your Snapchat score is determined, to a certain extent, by how often you use the app. Start sending more Snaps if you want to raise your Snapchat score, as this is the best way to do it.


How do you see deleted messages on Snapchat?

Snapchat is aware that you might want to view some of your messages after they have been automatically erased from your account. Because of this, they have created a portal for data recovery where you can easily retrieve any and all forms of data that have been transmitted through your account, including photographs, text, and videos.

Can you track someone’s activity on Snapchat?

Spyic allows you to watch the use of Snapchat by another user without worrying about being discovered. The application can be used on mobile devices operating iOS as well as Android. The following are the aspects of the app that are related to Snapchat: Using this software, you will be able to read all of the target’s private and group Snapchat messages, even those that were sent to other users.

What’s a high Snap score for a guy?

You are performing well with a score between 1,000 and 50,000. If your snapscore falls anywhere between 1,000 and 50,000, you should probably avoid using snap too frequently. It is highly likely that the only reason you use it is to maintain contact with your friends or to browse stories that attract your attention.

What does it mean when someone’s Snap score goes up by 1?

The first number indicates the total number of private snaps you’ve transmitted, while the second indicates the total number of snaps you’ve been sent. Based on the results of the tests, one point is awarded for every snap that is delivered or received. Your score will increase by one point whenever you send or receive a text message or look at a story, however posting a snap to stories will not contribute toward your total.

Can u recover deleted snaps?

As you can see, the only way to retrieve your photos and videos is to add them to your Snapchat memories. Only then will you be able to see them again. Snaps that have been deleted cannot be recovered under any other circumstances.