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How to Fix it When Your Chromebook Won’t Turn On


Having a computer that won’t power on or that constantly crashing is a source of a great deal of frustration. If you have a Chromebook, there are a few potential causes for the problems that you are experiencing with your device, as well as a few potential solutions. You merely need to be aware of how to get things going.

This is a handbook that will assist you in getting through it.

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How to Fix a Chromebook that Won’t Turn On

You should give the following solutions a shot before going out and purchasing a whole new Chromebook to see if you can fix the problem on your own.

Check the charger

It’s possible that the problem is with the charger for your Chromebook if it won’t switch on. Several approaches can be used to deal with this issue:

  • Verify that the charging light, which is placed next to the charging port, is illuminated when the device is connected.
  • You might want to try using a different charger.
  • You should first let your Chromebook charge for a few hours before attempting to turn it back on again.

How to Fix it When Your Chromebook Won't Turn On

Restart or hard reset your Chromebook

Sometimes, all that is required to get everything back up and running again is a speedy restart, which can be accomplished by holding down the power button.

On the other hand, you might need to perform a hard reset, which will flush the memory and caches of your computer. When you are able to power on your Chromebook but all that appears on the screen is black, this works the best. To complete the task, simultaneously press and hold the Power button as well as the Refresh key.

How to Fix it When Your Chromebook Won't Turn On


How do I wake up my Chromebook?

Chromebook, please come to life!

Open the lid on Chromebooks, then press any key or swipe the touchpad to do the action. Chromebox users should move the mouse around. On tablets, press the button labelled “Power.”

Can you overcharge your Chromebook?

It is not possible to overcharge a Chromebook. If you always have them plugged in, your Chromebook’s battery will be completely charged whenever you need to use it, even if you only use the battery occasionally.

Why is my Chromebook screen so dark?

The Chromebook display is either dark or blank.

Check to see that the Chromebook is connected to an outlet. Activate the Chromebook by hitting the power button and ensuring that it is turned on. After repeatedly pressing the button designated to raise the screen’s brightness, examine the device to determine whether or not the brightness has been raised.

Where is the restart button on a Chromebook?

The majority of Chromebooks do not have a dedicated’reset’ button (some have other options, which we will discuss in a moment), therefore the normal technique is to hold the’refresh’ button and hit the power button simultaneously. It looks like your Chromebook just restarted automatically. While using a tablet running Chrome OS, press and hold the Volume Up button as well as the Power button for ten seconds.

What does blue light mean on Chromebook?

If you notice an orange light that blinks gently, then the device is now in sleep mode. If the light on the Chromebook is solid blue, then it is now operational. It is charging if the indicator light is solid blue and orange at the same time. If there are no lights on, either the device is turned off or the battery has run out.

Why won’t my Chromebook wake up?

If the device continues to be unable to switch on, it is possible that the gadget is stuck in the sleep mode. If the device is unable to exit the sleep state, a forced shutdown of the device must be performed. Press and hold the power button for three seconds to ensure that the device is turned off completely, and then press the power button once more to switch it back on.